A Collegiates’ Guide to Skin Care: Jade Rolling 101

It’s ya girl back at it again simplifying skincare. There are so many cult skincare trends:  So, let’s talk about jade rolling. So jade rolling is definitely a cult skincare trend, but many people are unaware of what it is and what the benefits are of it. Today I’m going over jade rollers: what they are, the benefits, how to use them, and some pro-tips to make them work even better. 

What even is a jade roller and what does it do?

Jade rollers have been around long before your favorite vloggers started using them. A jade roller is an ancient Chinese skincare skin care tool that has been around for centuries. The actual tool is basically a tiny rolling pin made out of jade stone. It can be stored in the fridge to promote a cooling sensation. Use reduces inflammation, depuffs skin, reduces redness, increases blood circulation, and helps skin care products sink in. It often is double ended. Jade is the most common stone for rollers, but rose quartz is common too!

Okay, cool –why do I want to use it?

As I previously stated, there are so many benefits. Not to mention, they are extremely cheap – I’m pretty sure you can find one for 7 dollars on Amazon. The biggest perk of jade rolling is the lymphatic draining effect it has. It promotes lymphatic draining and actually leaves your skin looking and feeling tauter, less puffy, and more contoured instantly. Additionally, it could help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention all the other benefits I previously mentioned.

Ok, so how do I do it? 

How you decide to use your jade roller is completely up to you, but if you need a little guidance, have no fear. First of all, there are so many tutorials on YouTube, if you don’t get it after this article, you definitely should check them out.  You’re going to want to use your jade roller on clean skin, and before you put any skincare products on. Roll the roller up and down across your forehead, facial contours, chin, jaw, cheeks and neck. I personally go from neck to forehead, but the order you jade role the parts of your face doesn’t really matter. Just remember to move it back and forth, up and down. This will encourage lymph drainage and maximize benefits!

Pro tips

Put your jade roller into your refrigerator or freezer before use

I know it sounds extra, but this will make the whole experience ten times better! If the roller is cold it will be more soothing and increase the benefits. This will especially help with reducing puffiness, reducing redness, and increase the lymph drainage effect. 

Select a stone that caters to your needs

Again, it sounds super extra – but hear me out. Jade and rose quartz facial rollers are the cult favorite stones rollers are made out of. They both have different benefits. Jade rollers apparently are better for skin cooling and tightening. Apparently, jade does a better job contouring, depuffing and reducing redness. Rose quartz is said to be better for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Both are good, but they are said to be better at different things. Find the one that’s best for your needs. However, don't stress too much about the differences; they are both used the same ways. 


Enjoy a night of self care, or just step up your skincare routine with a jade roller! You'll thank me later.