College Majors as Thanksgiving Foods

The end of November means Thanksgiving and finals. Although we just want to enjoy our break and not think about school, there is no way to escape it considering the end of semester stress is quickly approaching us. Every major in college has a unique aspect to it, just like the different holiday platters do.

Here are common college majors as your favorite Thanksgiving dishes:


Business: Turkey

Turkey is the main dish on Thanksgiving, just like business is the main aspect of all work, whether it is medicine, sports, retail, etc. Everything ties into business, no matter what it is. The computer or phone you’re reading this on came from a business, as well as those sneakers you wore to the gym this morning. Business majors are crucial to our economy, just like a turkey is the most essential part in a Thanksgiving dinner.

Nursing: Stuffing

If you go to the University of Scranton, then you know how common it is to meet a nursing major. It is one of the most prominent majors here, similar to stuffing, which is one of the most popular dishes at Thanksgiving. Nurses take care of us and aid doctors; without them, we would be lost. Stuffing is comparable to nursing because it is a dish that we all greatly enjoy and look forward to, so if it was not at the dinner table, Thanksgiving would not be the same.

Counseling: Sweet Potato Casserole

I’m sure many of us can agree that sweet potato casserole is one of the tastiest dishes there is on Thanksgiving. The marshmallows give it that heavenly taste, which makes it seem like you skipped dinner and went right to the dessert. This is the part that reminds me of counseling majors because they need to have a “sweet side” to them, as well as patience, to be able to deal with their future clients.

Mathematics: Gravy

You’re probably wondering why I would compare math to gravy when most people actually like gravy. Gravy is a sauce at the dinner table that would be quite distasteful by itself, yet when covered in something else, such as mashed potatoes or french fries, it is very appetizing. This is just like math because alone is can be confusing and boring, but when incorporated into another subject like engineering or business, it makes more sense.

Education: Mac and Cheese

When I think of mac and cheese, it brings me back to my childhood. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and have plenty of boxes of it in my apartment, but when I was younger, I ate it basically every day. I’m sure if I asked anyone else my age, most would agree with me. Therefore, mac and cheese makes me think of children and education majors.

Art: Cranberry Sauce

In my opinion, art is a beautiful aspect of life, whether is is painting, photography, or even dancing. The color of cranberry sauce reminds me of art, as well as the different ways it can be set up and served (such as the picture below). Cranberry sauce is one of my favorite dishes at the dinner table, just like art is one of my favorite forms of expression.

Political Science: Cornbread

Cornbread can be a controversial dish, because some people argue that it is savory, while others, like me, don’t enjoy it. This is similar to political science because some people try to stay away from politics at the dinner table, but there will always be one or two family members that will bring it up.

Criminal Justice: Green Beans

When thinking of criminal justice, the first thing that came to mind was green beans. Just like there are many diverse things to do with this major, there is a variety of ways to make green beans. One popular way is green bean casserole, and another, my personal favorite, is with butter and a lot of seasoning. On top of that, green beans remind me of jail cell bars (I know, an odd comparison, but it works, right?)

Communication: Mashed Potatoes

Communication is a very broad major because there is so much you can do with it. You can go into public relations, law, production, advertising, journalism, or media.  Similarly, there is plenty you can do with mashed potatoes. You can eat it plain, or you can load it with your favorite toppings, like cheese, bacon or gravy!

Health Administration: Mixed Vegetables

For those of you who don’t exactly know what health administration is, is consists of healthcare and business. It is a blend of these two topics, just like mixed veggies can be a mix of broccoli, carrots, and anything else you can think of. Besides that, comparison, the fact that health administration majors most likely end up working in a health care facility reminds me of a type of food that is beneficial to you, such as vegetables.

Engineering: Pie

Each Thanksgiving, I look forward to the dessert because who doesn’t love some pie?  It can come in every flavor you can imagine and is absolutely delicious! This “exciting” feeling I get reminds me of engineering. Engineers are needed for building things like amusement park rides, airplanes, and bridges. These are all used for stimulating activities such as skydiving and roller coasters that give you that “exciting” feeling as well.