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College Life As Told By FRIENDS

Let’s be honest. The TV show Friends is probably one of the best shows on the face of the earth. Friends has not only graced us with 10 seasons of 90’s hair, corny Chandler jokes, huge cell phones and our own impromptu crying… It has also given us a wonderful explanation of what college truly entails. So in true millennial form, I will tell the tales of the college experience through Friends GIFs. Enjoy.


Making friends in your classes like

After your teacher lectures for two hours on something important and you were low-key online shopping

Trying to show off at the career expo like

When hell week is approaching but you have no motivation


Trying to calm yourself down over some good ‘ole cereal

When the hell week commences and you can sleep off the pain

After two drinks freshman year

Boy flirting with you at a party like

And you being all sly back like

Just kidding. This is more like it


Because your love life is something of this sort

Moving into your first off-campus apartment

Getting sentimental like

Your friends asking you what your post-grad plan is

But looking back and knowing that

Because all your friends were “there for youuuuuu!”



Jenna is a senior occupational therapy student here at the U. She enjoys making people laugh, frolicking in warm weather, eating copious amounts of food, and dancing the night away. Follow her on insta @jennarizzy
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