The Bunny Mom Life

The bunny mom lifestyle is unique. Most people have a cat or a dog, but not many have a rabbit. And more specifically, not many know how to properly care for a rabbit. 

In fact, pet shop employees lack knowledge of bunny care, and bunnies in general. The person who sells you your rabbit at the shop may provide false information about proper care methods. 

In my home, my rabbit is free ranged. Crazy right!He lives his life much like a cat or a dog. He likesto snuggle. And he lovespets and attention- he is needy and will often nudge me with his cute little nose to demand pets!

It’s crazy to think that a rabbit can live free ranged because we are conditioned to believe that they must be in cages or hutches at all times. But that’s absolutely NOT TRUE! Rabbits require a lot of room to exercise and express themselves. There is NO WAY you will get to know your rabbit if it is locked up in a cage 24 hours a day. Let them out to explore! You’ll be amazed at how colorful their personalities are! 

While it may not seem like it, the bunny mom lifestyle is hard work! Rabbits are high maintenance animals. But, it is all worth it when you come home from school to an adorable twitching nose and lopped ears. 

So, for anyone interested in getting a rabbit DO YOUR RESEARCH they require a lot more care than you may anticipate and live for 10 – 12 years. 

Animals are not blessed to have us we are blessed to have them.


-A Bunny Mom