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Sometimes, when I sit down to write I know what I want to say but am unsure of how to put it into the right words. This week, as my last Her Campus article, I have decided to try to be less grammatically correct to try and get my words and thoughts down without fear of it sounding incorrect because this article isn’t what that’s about. This article is all about my current chapter of life ending. 


            If you have followed along with my articles, you have read articles that talk about boys, time and the old me which makes up many aspects or “chapter books” of my life. Currently, we’re on the book called “College,” last chapter. I graduate in less than a week which is when I will close this book and start a new one called “The Real World” but until then I would like to write to who or what made up this “College” book.


            The first chapter of this book started at West Chester University. I loved my first year there, it gave me some of the best experiences such as living on my own, meeting awesome people and most importantly seeing the Philadelphia Eagles winning SB 52 and getting to participate in all of the post-win events. My second year taught me to make decisions that were the best for me and that everything happens for a reason. Thank you, West Chester University, for showing me some of the best lessons even if (at the time) I was sad.


My next chapter started off simple. I transferred to the University of Scranton, a bit lost and looking for answers, which weren’t answered for a bit. Me, an impatient person, gave it sometime and am so grateful I did. To the University of Scranton, I thank you for giving me such an amazing communications department. I don’t have to be on campus every day to feel like the communication lounge is a safe and reliable place to go and is a second home because of the professors. As a student, I could not ask for better professors to have. I never understood the saying “how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” until I formed the bonds I did with my professors, especially one.


In one of the chapters, I learned from a professor (she might not even know it) how a person will never forget how you made them feel. When I was going through an extremely tough time in life, one of my professors was there. She may have not realized just how much her actions impacted me, but they left a lasting impression. To Dr. Pavlick, I thank you for helping me out when I needed it most. I will never forget it.


Another chapter, I experienced was joining a club. Although, I joined Her Campus later in my college experience, I am grateful to be able to have had the time I did. Being able to write about anything I want to helped me become a better writer and express what I want since I’m not an emotional person. It has provided me a platform to express my creativity and I will truly miss being able to write freely… I may just have to start a blog.


My internships were huge chapters of my life.  From interning at the Scranton Times-Tribune and at Thunder 102 & 104.5 with Bold Gold Media, I am forever thankful for both opportunities. I got to experience many things and am thankful for what I have learned in my time at both. It has helped me find direction in my career path and I couldn’t have asked for more.


All of the above aspects mentioned of school or career that has made up this current book but so many other things beyond school have as well that I feel as though I need to address before ending my last Her Campus article ever.


To my dogs, I don’t even have to type a sentence to show my love for you, everyone already knows. This was just an excuse to talk about you both again as if I don’t every second of every day.


To my mom, I thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams. Whatever I have said I have wanted to do, you never questioned. You always were excited for my opportunities. I have heard/seen parents be so discouraging to their children over careers resulting in them being miserable. I am grateful to have a mom like you. We may fight like typical mother & daughter but in reality, we act like sisters with the way we joke around. I will forever be thankful for our growth. 


To my dad, I know I haven’t gotten the opportunity to write about you too much, so I will write about you a little more here to make up for it. I thank you for always reminding me of how smart I am. Whenever I feel defeated, my dad can make me feel like I’m the smartest girl on planet earth. In my whole school career, I thank you for being accepting of whatever I chose to do and dealing with the mood swings of a teenage girl, young adult. There is no one else that could deal with having a daughter like me quite like you. I also thank you for stepping up as a dad. Too often, I see my friends not have relationships with their father’s and I have never been able to understand it since we’ve always been attached at the hip. I will forever keep my standards high because no man could ever treat me better than MY dad and I will forever be the one who you needed to put you in your place.


To my parents as a whole, I thank you for dealing with a divorce in the way you did. While sometimes it impacted me in more ways than you know or think, I am thankful that you have always made sure to get along out of respect for me. I can’t imagine what I would’ve felt if this was not the case. Thank you… I love you both very much!


To myself, you are the main character of this book. I thank you for finally giving yourself self-love. Taking time on your own for yourself was the best thing you could’ve done. Specifically, in the past 2 years, you decided to focus on yourself which has improved your physical health, mental health and grades. All three needed help and you have done the best work you can. I am truly happy with who you have turned out to be. I can’t wait to see where the next book of life takes you, even though it definitely calls for a big change. The world is yours, you did it! University of Scranton, Class of 2021 graduate!


Abby Rhodes, signing off of Her Campus. 


I am a journalism & electronic media major with a concentration in broadcasting. When I'm not a full-time student, I balance two jobs as well as a healthy lifestyle both in the kitchen and at the gym. Many of my friends consider me the "girlest tomboy" they've ever met. I love all things fashion and beauty but also love quad-riding, weight-lifting, archery, Philadelphia Eagles football and country music. I’m also a full-time dog mom to the cutest two English Bulldogs ever.
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