The Best Things About Spring

Even though Mother Nature is still sending snow to Scranton, according to the calendar spring is here. Soon enough, the days of piercing cold weather will be behind us. We will all be ready more than ever to shed some layers. In the meantime, here is a friendly reminder of a few things we are all looking forward to in spring:

1. Trips to Nay Aug
One of the best things to do in Scranton on a beautiful spring day is take a trip to Nay Aug Park.  Nothing beats laying out in the sun with your friends, taking a hike along the trains, and looking at the beautiful waterfalls.

2. Manning’s
Ice cream=Spring! Manning’s is the perfect inexpensive treat after a long hot day. Remember: cash only!

3. Dress Weather
It's so much easier having to just pick out a dress to wear than choosing pants, a shirt and a sweater. Check out the Scranton shops Freedlove and The Daisy Collective. 

4. Dogs on The Green
When winter is away, dogs come out to play. Spring is the perfect time to take your furry friend out. Beware of all the attention your dog will receive.

5. No More Jackets
Getting to hang up your puffy parka for the season is the best feeling in the world!  You instantly feel 10 pounds lighter once there is no need to bundle up.

6. Everything is in Full Bloom!
The snow melts away, trees come back to life, and flowers are blooming. Campus looks beautiful. Take a long walk and stop to smell the roses.

7. Day Drinks
There’s no better way to enjoy a sunny day than porching it with pals and a cold drink in hand.