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Believe in Your Astrology Horoscope? Three Reasons Why We Love Our Futures being Predicted


Around two years ago, I read my horoscope every single day.  It was a large part of my routine and something that I relied heavily upon, especially when I was nervous about something happening such as a test or a date.  Why is it that we love disguised hints of our future being told to us? Why is it that when we crack open a fortune cookie, we get enjoyment from reading whatever it is that someone had written off the top of their head? I for one, am a fellow fortune cookie lover. I love them so much to the point where I actually collect each fortune I get and use it as advice if needed, I love them so much to the point that my boyfriend has given me a box of them as a gift and whenever I needed some sort of guidance, I cracked one open.  Why is it that humans hold such an interest in the future despite it being unknown? Astrology had been discovered during the fourth century B.C period where astrological charts were used to predict both seasons as well as celestial events and it is still constantly used today. The following are reasons why we love our futures being told to us. 


It’s Interesting 

I believe that I can say that on behalf of everyone, our horoscopes and our astrology signs are interesting in general. It seems that in the past year of 2020 and dipping into our current year, people are constantly comparing astrology signs. Mostly the millennials and Gen Z’ers.  I remember how back on the Tumblr days, where they had the astrological signposts and, on each list, it said how the sign acted or something in that sense. Every day when I scroll on Facebook now, I see those posts. They are really coming back

Love Compatibility  

Believe it or not, sometimes a person would end things with another person over their astrological sign. Granted, that’s a bit much but it has happened before. Not only that, but a person would judge a person about their sign before even knowing their personality.  They just automatically assume that since, say you are a Taurus, they automatically assume that you are as stubborn as a bull. (Get it?) 


We Gave the Stars More Meaning than We’d Imagine 

Looking up at the stars can bring so much hope sometimes, but they are more than that. 

A long while back, people would look up at the sky and question human meaning in general and that turned into believing about when the Earth shifts, human behaviour can possibly be affected along with other celestial things. 



Overall, horoscopes and everything astrological has taken such an upward turn in the world of today and is becoming increasingly more popular especially for this generation. Three reasons why we love our futures being predicted for us or even hinted at is because it is interesting, love compatibility can play such a role, and the stars being such a mysterious but informative thing sparks such interest. 

My name is Leandria Hercules and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Scranton, I major in Journalism and Electronic Media and am such an animal lover. I absolutely love art, writing, travelling, graphic design, hanging out and overall going on adventures! Feel free to add me on Instagram at leandria_ev831
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