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Australia: 12 Things You Learn Studying Abroad Down Under

While deciding whether to study abroad in Europe or Australia I always heard things like, “Australians speak our language and it’s the closest thing to America!” Boy, was that wrong. In the fourth months I studied in Australia, I learned how different, yet amazing it was. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with the uniqueness of Australia. Here are some of the reasons why:


  1. Australians’ speak a completely different language. When an Australian says to get his thongs, he does not mean the underwear.
  2. There isn’t much food that is distinct to Australia. Honestly the only authentic Australian foods that I can name are Tim Tams and Vegemite. One of them is delicious, the other is not (vegemite).
  3. Shoes are not strictly enforced. Chances are if you make a quick run to the supermarket, you’ll see a few barefooted folks.
  4. You may be able to legally drink when you study in Australia, but you probably cannot afford alcohol. The most popular college drink is goon (boxed wine) and it’s not because it tastes good.  
  5. Australians love their themed parties. It’s like Halloween every weekend and it’s awesome.


   6. Australian higher education is free. Well, not exactly, but at the time of entry students are not asked to pay tuition and their education is paid for by the government.         Students begin to pay for college once they start earning a certain income in their future career. So… there are NO loans. Why can’t American college work like this?


     7. Most of Australia’s major cities are on the east coast. The center of the country is basically desert and the west coast only has one major city, Perth. This makes it very easy to travel.



     8. Australians do not “throw a shrimp on the barbie.” Their idea of a barbecue includes sausage wrapped in a piece of BREAD.


   9. If you order a sandwich, chances are it comes with aioli sauce. Haven’t heard of it? Neither had I before Australia, but it is very addicting.



      10. There are many cool countries easily accessible from Australia that are waiting to be explored. Some of these include: New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, and Indonesia. Once you visit one, you just want to keep going.


      11. No one has died from a venomous spider bite since 1979. Although you constantly hear how dangerous and deadly the animals that inhabit Australia are, the facts show there isn’t too much to be afraid of (key word “too”).


      12. Studying abroad in Australia ruins your life. Not literally, but after studying in Australia it impossible to stop wishing you could return and it is even more impossible to stop your urge to continue traveling.


Jessica is a junior exercise science major in the doctorate of physical therapy program at The University of Scranton. She is a part of the Exercise Science and Mountain Sports Clubs, and a member of the women's crew team. She enjoys running, traveling, puppies, and pizza.
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