Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next: Millennial Meaning and Review

And what came next was sweeter and sassier.


The whistles of an angelic voice.


An album of emotions that makes you feel everything and nothing.


Rumor has it, Ariana Grande’s latest album, Thank U, Next, took just a week to write. She is now the first female, solo artist to have the top three songs simultaneously.


In September, the singer introduced the world to Sweetener, an album prominent for “God is a Woman” and “Breathin.” This album conveyed her strength during an emotional time and her struggle to combat adversity. Thank U, Next, released just five months later, is Sweetener’s catharsis.


Thank U, Next is a glorious pop anthem. A woman. A mood.


Let’s bring it back to Dangerous Woman. Yikes. Ariana Grande preaches that she needs a man to make her feel alive- a man to bring out a spunky confidence and dangerous side. Well. Those days are definitely gone.


Now. Let’s break it down a little bit.


Don’t get me started on “7 Rings.” Probably my favorite song from the album. Ariana Grande tweeted, “I guess “Thank U, Next” is more vulnerable and gentle lol.” She wrote, “Seven rings is just like… a flex. How the homies WANT u to feel. What the ‘thank u next’ energy evolved into while embracing a new chapter (even tho both moods/ energies are v present).”


"7 Rings" has a real story attached to it. After she returned her engagement ring to Pete Davidson in November, she bought six of her friends Tiffany & Co. rings- Ariana wears the seventh.


“Fake Smile” captures the feeling of being overwhelmed in a social environment. To be surrounded by people yet feel so alone. At times we fall apart. But with every breakdown, comes an epic breakthrough; “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” is bold. There’s no hidden meaning here- her song is risky. Though she teased ahead of her album release that this song would be super flirty and fun, her lyrics are really about wanting a taken man.


To sum it up- Ariana Grande’s latest album makes me feel like a queen. I blast the songs louder than I should. I sing “7 Rings” like I have more than ten dollars in bank account.


And it definitely has me wanting more from my girl Ari.