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“American Horror Story:” Recap and Anticipations

On Wednesday October 7th, a new season of American Horror Story: Hotel aired on FX. American Horror Story is an anthology series that has four prior seasons. This season will star the one and only,  Lady Gaga. (whose character seems to run the hotel.)

The first season, “Murder House,” took place in an old Victorian home in Los Angeles where the ghosts of anyone who died there linger in the house forever with no way of escaping. These ghosts torture and mess with the families that move in and eventually the family members all end up dying. Happy ending, right?

The second season, “Asylum,” takes place in an insane asylum during the 1960s. The asylum was run by the church without any governmental regulations. The patients end up drugged, oppressed and tortured in the asylum. (Depending on how disobedient they are.) The plot twists to this season are INSANE!

The third season, “Coven,” takes place amongst a tribe of witches. The tribe consists of the Supreme, the headmistress, and four teenage girls who all live in a boarding school. Throughout the show the four teenage girls are trying to figure out which out of them will be the next Supreme. The Supreme has the most power and is the leader of the coven. While this is taking place there are witch hunters trying to end the coven. The girls fight each other and also work together to fight off their common enemies. At the end of the show, the next Supreme is revealed and the boarding school opens to many young witches who come to practice their powers. This place is called Hogwarts. Just kidding.

The fourth season, “Freak Show,” is set mainly in the 1950s. This season follows one of America’s last freak shows out there. The members of the freak shows all have some sort of birth defect, except for the owner Elsa, who is just missing a leg. The show consists of a bearded lady, a lobster-handed boy, the strongman, a three-breasted hermaphrodite, conjoined twins and more. While the show follows the freak show there is also a killer clown on the loose killing innocent people and capturing children. There is a rich psychotic boy who wants to be the clown and brings trouble wherever he goes. As the members of the show become greedy or fed up, the owner Elsa is put in situations that if she sells out some of her monsters she can receive fame and/or money. By the end of the show the freaks end up breaking up and some move on while others spread terror. Think before you call somebody a “freak” next time.This new season kicks off immediately with a death in the hotel. It is expected in each season to get right to the scary and violent scenes. The police are called in to examine the crime scene but are unable to find a suspect. The main detective receives a phone call from a stranger to check out hotel room 64. When he goes to check it out, a man is being killed by what seems to be a ghost in that very hotel room. When the detective checks out the room, there is no body to be found. Throughout the episode we learn that the detective has a connection to the hotel and that staff members of the hotel are trapped there. By the end of the episode we learn that Lady Gaga’s character has the detective’s son *trapped* in the hotel. There are many significant characters this season with their own important stories that link them to the hotel.

During one of the scenes, the song “Hotel California” by the Eagles plays and it almost seems as if Lady Gaga’s character is based off the woman in that song. It is revealed that Lady Gaga loves the taste of blood and kills people who enter the hotel for a taste of their blood. (Twilight nostalgia)What will come is unknown, but there are many questions to ask: Is the concierge alive? Will the detective find his son, Holden? Why is Jessica Lange not in this season? When will Evan Peters appear? And why are Lady Gaga’s eyebrows blonde?

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