To All Our Loved Lost Ones

*Dedicated to a dear friend*

To most people when thinking of Pennsylvania, they think of coal, or the bipolar weather in NEPA, or even the office located in Scranton. When I think of my state today, the only thing I can think about is the darkness that has taken over. There has been an increase in suicide in our area and we need to put an end to it. Over the past few years I can’t even count the number of people I have known personally or have met once or twice, that have taken their own life. This week marks 3 years since I have gone through a loss of a beloved friend and saw many of my friends go through the same loss. It kills to go through this type of loss, but it kills even more to watch all your loved ones around you experience the same loss. Tragedy has taken over not only our state but all over. No matter who the person is, that person is someone’s sister, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, mom, etc. That person is loved by someone and has a wide variety of people who care about them. We not only have to reach out to our loved ones but everyone. We must simply ask if they are okay; we must also encourage others to come forward and express even minor feelings. If you feel happy, express it so others know how to make it a reoccurrence. If you feel angry, talk it out with the root of the anger. If you feel sad, vent about it so others know how to avoid upsetting you. It does all sound easier said than done but once you get into the habit of expressing yourself it will become effortless. If you truly believe people do not care about you, you’re wrong. That girl you exchange smiles with as you switch classes, she’s going to miss that smile. The boy that sits next to you in Chemistry, he’ll miss the smell of your fruity perfume and your periodic table jokes. Your parents who held you during the first few minutes of your birth, they will blame themselves. Your best friend who FaceTimes you whenever something awkward happens will find himself calling your phone just to hear the sound of your voice on your voicemail. Your significant other will stop eating and wish they could have been there to stop you. Your effect on people is a lot stronger than you perceive it to be; this is just a reminder that you do make a difference in others’ lives and you are loved. We need to make our home a safe place again and stop ignoring others cries for help. We need to take each other’s lives back and fight for one another. 

National Suicide Prevention Number: 1-800-273-8255