Ale Mary’s: My New Favorite Restaurant.

A few days ago, I went to a restaurant that’s located in downtown Scranton. I have never been to this restaurant before, but I heard great things about it. The place is called Ale Mary’s, and let me tell you… it was AMAZING!

First of all, the menu is filled with food creations that I have never heard of before (PB & J wings, pierogi flatbreads, surf & turf cheesesteak and so much more.) You name it, they probably have it.

After a very tough decision of trying to pick out what I wanted to eat, I ended up ordering what is called The Craig Mac. This is a hot dog that is wrapped in bacon and topped off with Mac & Cheese. Good choice, right?

I patiently waited for my food, and when it finally came… I WAS IN SHOCK! It may or may not have been my fault for not noticing that the menu said “12” hot dog,” but this hot dog was most definitely 12 inches. I have never seen something so beautiful in my whole life. I didn’t even come close to finishing my meal, but I was happy to have leftovers that would last me a couple of days.

Not only was this platter gigantic, but it was very affordable, too – as well as the rest of the food that is served at this restaurant. My meal, which came with the hot dog and a side of French fries, was only $10.95! This isn’t bad, especially because you really get what you pay for.

So, if you’re looking to try a new restaurant in the Scranton area and you don’t know where to go, Ale Mary’s is the place to be! With great food, affordable prices and quality service - you WON’T regret it!