Aerobic Class Stream of Consciousness

Proud Zumba Addict and Thriving Cardio Queen


*Stares into distance reminiscing* “Ah, I remember my first Zumba class: A group of elderly women dressed in neon leg warmers and gossiping about Justin and Selena’s tragic breakup.” *Snaps out of daydream* 


As a lover of vintage fashion and Jelena, I knew this was a sign that Zumba and I were a match made in heaven. So, I started to attend the classes on a more regular basis; not only did the 70’s accessory color palette expand (hot pink, violet, lime green), but the chit-chat evolved into much more serious topics such as “Who is Young Thug?” and the Kardashian lifestyle. However, these small talks only lasted until the music blasted. That’s when things got fun. Sure, most of the time it’s a challenge to tell my left foot from my right hand. And sure, I definitely can’t shimmy or shake. But, I’m never afraid to bust a move and break a sweat. I just tend to get a little distracted sometimes by my crazy, chaotic, stream of consciousness. 


1- Is this almost over?

2-Should I look at the clock or will that insult the instructor?

3- Wow I wonder what I should eat for dinner.

4- Did I have any homework? 

5- Ugh I want to check my phone.

6- I hate this song. 

7- Is it time for a water break?

8- Okay I'm going to check the clock now.

9- What day is it again?

10- Monday right? Wait yesterday was Monday. 

11- Ew do I look fat in this outfit?

12- What's the point of working out?

13- UGH my calves burn. 

14- I want to go home.

15- Like NOW!

16- Oooo I want to finish that new show on Netflix. 

17- Wow I think I watch too much Netflix.

18- I wish that Rori and Logan ended up together.

19- Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Season 2! Yeah boi

20- Why did McDreamy have to die? 

21- Snap out of it.

22- Omg did I feed the cat?

23-Aww my poor baby I don't want her hungry.

24- Wait did I answer that text?

25- Ugh is my phone lighting up?

26- Maybe it’s just a glare. 

27- How much longer of this torture?

28- This better make my legs look good. 

29- Beach body 2019 

30- Should I check the clock again?

31- I feel like this lady next to me is too close.

32- She is way too close, back it up grandma.

33- This shirt is itchy.

34- My feet hurt. 

35- Thank God this is over.