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A Collegiate’s Guide to the Astrology of Fashion & Style

With HC Scranton's fashion week upon us, I figured I'd break down the astrology of fashion and style. Despite what some more basic articles would have you think, your sun and rising have minimal to do with your personal style. You can use astrology to see what colors, styles, aesthetics, and even makeup would look best on you. 

There are four main areas of your birth chart that can indicate personal style: 1st house, Venus and Neptune placements, ascendant (rising), and midheaven. Overall aspects and planets in these areas and aspects and houses for the mentioned planets can give further insight into personal style.

First House/Rising

Your first house tells about what you feel most comfortable in regarding style, and planets in that house can indicate your aesthetic. If a planet is conjunct your rising that might indicate a color that looks good on you. Rising directly rules your appearance. For example, Megan Fox has her Mars conjunct her rising. Mars is associated with the color red. Thus, red looks stunning on her. Planets in your 1st house and conjunct your rising can indicate your style and color preferences.

  • Aries Rising (Or Mars Conjunct Rising)
    • Aries risings or Mars conjunct rising translates to a very bold, unbothered aesthetic. They go for bold colors with high contrasts, I often see Aries risings liking color-block or monochromatic color stories. Often seen rocking the streetwear looks. This rising loves a graphic tee. They look amazing in a red lip (i.e. Rihanna & Megan Fox) and bold eyeliner or a monochromatic eye look.
    • Textures: Denim, leather
    • Colors: red, black
    • Aries Rising Fashion Icons: Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, Shakira, Penelope Cruz, Kendall Jenner
  • Taurus Rising (Or Venus Conjunct Rising)
    • Taurus risings or venus conjunct rising natives have an effortlessly cool look. They keep it simple, classy and cute. They often love jewelry and it adds to their high fashion boujee look. They love a classic jeans and a t-shirt combo. Comfort always. Designer labels are important to them. For makeup they tend to go towards neutrals whether it's casual or super glam.
    • Textures: Silk, velvet, lace
    • Colors: green, brown, pink
    • Taurus Rising Fashion Icons: Gigi Hadid, Mariah Carey, Brooke Shields, Ruby Rose
  • Gemini Rising (Or Mercury Conjunct Rising)
    • Gemini risings have a fun and playful vibe to their look. They're flirty and showstopping. Their aesthetic is very versatile. They like to play with different patterns, colors and aesthetics. They can wear edgy alternative clothes one day and girly Y2K looks the next. For makeup they love a pop of color whether it be with the eyes or a bold lip. Gemini risings also love blush.
    • Textures: Different patterns: zebra, stripes, etc.
    • Colors: pink, blue, purple
    • Gemini Rising Fashion Icons: Lady Gaga, Christina Hendricks, Amy Whinehouse
  • Cancer Rising (Or Moon Conjunct Rising)
    • Cancer risings have a delicate yet cozy aesthetic. They have an ethereal look. They love all types of textures - silk, lace, ruffles etc. These risings often incorporate lingerie into outfits. They also love lose drapes clothes. Their aesthetic can be reflective of their mood - if they are unwell it will definitely reflect in their attire. They love a natural glow makeup look.
    • Textures: ruffles, lace, silks
    • Cancer Rising Fashion Icons: Cher, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Chrissy Teigan, Cindy Crawford
  • Leo Rising (Or Sun Conjunct Rising)
    • As all Leo placements do, Leo risings stand out and shine. They have a warm, bright aesthetic. They love vibrant colors and glamorous outfits. They can have an eccentric bold look. Their outfits tend to revolve around a statement piece. They love an accessory. They tend to have big hair looks: big voluminous curls. They love a sunset eye.
    • Textures: Different patterns: animal print
    • Colors: red, orange, purple
    • Leo Rising Fashion Icons: Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens
  • Virgo Rising (Or Mercury Conjunct Rising)
    • Virgo risings have an understated style. They know what they like and tend to go with that - they love a tried and true moment. They know what works for them tho and thus tend to have a very good style (it varies based on what is comfortable to them). They tend to love a natural look and look amazing without makeup.
    • Textures: plaid, ribbed
    • Colors: light green, burnt orange, tan
    • Virgo Rising Fashion Icons: Emma Watson, Dolly Parton, Rachel Bilson, Uma Thurman
  • Libra Rising (Or Venus Conjunct Rising)
    • This rising has a very simple, basic, but classic elegant style. They tend to gravitate towards very preppy luxurious pieces. They are always dressed their best whether it's going to the grocery store or for a night out.
    • Textures: Satin, polyester
    • Colors: pastels, whites,
    • Libra Rising Fashion Icons: Beyonce, Britney Spears, Hayden Pannettiere, Kate Middleton
  • Scorpio Rising (Or Pluto Conjunct Rising):
    • Scorpio risings often have a very powerful and sensual aesthetic. They often gravitate to different subcultures of fashion throughout their lives. With the plutonian influence, they can go through style transformations when they have an internal transformation. Often has a vampy, femme-fatale aesthetic. Loves a darker glam.
    • Textures: silk, velvet, lace
    • Colors: red, burgundy, black, grey
    • Scorpio Fashion Icons: Vanessa Paradis, Natalie Portman, Lana Del Rey
  • Sagittarius Rising (Or Jupiter Conjunct Rising)
    • People with Sagittarius Rising can’t be bothered to keep up with trends. Fashion isn’t their top priority, but they look good most of the time anyway. They tend to wear light and bright colors, and cheerful patterns. Iconic styles. Always glam.
    • Textures: denim, cotton, gingham
    • Colors: pastels, whites, yellow, orange
    • Sagittarius Rising Fashion Icons: Princess Diana, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton
  • Capricorn Rising (Or Saturn Conjunct Rising)
    • People with Capricorn Rising dress for success. They believe that first impressions are important, and they dress according to how they’d like to be perceived. Whether they want to look trendy, serious, or any other style, they buy clothes that will help them achieve their desired look. They love a good eyeliner moment.
    • Textures: plaid, houndstooth
    • Colors: pastels, whites, brown, grey
    • Capricorn Rising Fashion Icons: Ariana Grande, Zooey Deschanel, Megan Fox, Naomi Campbell
  • Aquarius Rising (Or Uranus Conjunct Rising)
    • People with Aquarius Rising have a very original dress style. They like to be different and their fashion sense shows it. They like wild patterns and colors. Aquarius Risings don’t care for trends, and they find them fleeting and strange.
    • Textures: sequins, asymmetricals,
    • Colors: pastels, blue, turquoise, yellow, red
    • Aquarius Rising Fashion Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Zendaya, Aaliyah, Khloe Kardashian
  • Pisces Rising (Or Neptune Conjunct Rising)
    • People with Pisces Rising gravitate towards light colors and understated patterns. They dress fashionably, but like to keep their style their own. They don’t follow trends. Often having a niche or alternative vibe.
    • Textures: florals, denim, suede
    • Colors: pastels, white, blues
    • Pisces Rising Fashion Icons: Kourtney Kardashian, Adriana Lima, Whitney Houston,

Neptune Placement

Neptune represents your flashy or "showier" side. Neptune is the planet of illusions; it rules over makeup, glamour, theatre, films, and T.V. Neptune is similar to Venus without relationships and romance. Your Neptune placements and aspects can tell you about your makeup style and what will suit you best.

  • Neptune in the 1st House: If you have Neptune in the 1st house, or aspecting your rising you may be the type to never leave the house without makeup. This placement uses makeup to "shapeshift" through contouring and blending techniques. This placement knows how to enhance their features through overlining their lips, eyeliner and more. Often self taught at a young age and may be inspirations for others. This is a glamorous placement.
    • Celebs with Neptune in the 1st House: Kylie Jenner, Dolly Parton, Janet Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian and more.
  • Neptune in the 2nd House: With the second house ruling finances, money and possessions people with this placement can be a makeup artist or make money through makeup. This placement gives me VIB Rouge energy. This placement will invest in the best makeup regardless of how much it costs. If you have this placement you may have issues blending drugstore makeup and opt for the more expensive brands for that reason. Simple, natural makeup looks best on this placement. It's a feminine house so try to avoid harsh contouring - especially sharp jawlines (a masculine feature). A more feminine or softer look would suit best suit this natives face.
    • Celebs with Neptune in the 2nd House: Jennifer Aniston, Chrissy Teigan, and Taylor Swift
  • Neptune in the 3rd House: With the third house ruling communication, learning and siblings your siblings might have taught you about makeup with this placement. You may have first discovered makeup at a young age. You don’t like spending a lot of time on ur makeup. The best look for you is a doe eye look that makes your eyes look big. You might enjoy false lashes, lash lifts, or lash extensions.
    • Celebs with Neptune in the 3rd House: Madonna, Sharon Tate, Beyonce, Britney Spears
  • Neptune in the 4th House: With this house ruling home, family and specifically mother figures, if you have this placement your mom or a mother figure taught you about makeup, or she always wore makeup. You like clean simple makeup and may have a go-to look you've done every day - for years. The fourth house is the house of foundation, but not like makeup foundation. But you might always wear foundation or use two primers and setting spray to ensure your base lasts all day. Just like the second house Neptune, natural feminine looks suit you best.
    • Celebs with Neptune in the 4th House: Emma Watson, Charlie D'Amelio
  • Neptune in the 5th House: With this placement ruling creativity and hobbies, natives with this placement may look best in or be very good at very creative colorful looks. You might do something different every day with makeup because it’s an opportunity to practice your artistic skills. Bronzy looks, cut crease or cat-eye looks would look amazing. You can really pull off bright blue eyeshadow or crazy fun makeup.
    • Celebs with Neptune in the 5th House: Angelina Jolie, Demi Lovato, Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss
  • Neptune in the 6th House: With this house ruling health, you may have a sensitivity or allergy to makeup and it may break you out. The 6th house is also the house of daily life so you wear it every day either because you like to or you have to wear a specific makeup look for work. Similar to the third house the innocent and doe-eyed looks are gorgeous on you.
    • Celebs with Neptune in the 6th House: Selena Gomez, Meghan Markle, Drew Berrymore
  • Neptune in the 7th House: With the seventh house ruling partnership, it is the opposite of individuality and self expression. You may be admired for your makeup and have it be a bonding point with friends, or you may not care for it as a form of self expression. This placement looks best in romantic, glamorous looks. Gold looks great on this placement and as well as bronzy contour.
    • Neptune in the 7th house celebs: Mariah Carey, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, and Amy Winehouse
  • Neptune in the 8th House: With this house ruling transformations, when you go through personal transformations you may change the way you do your makeup. Smudged out liner and darker more vampy looks look best on these placements. You may be hesitant to be creative with makeup, but once you own it it may be a bigger part of your life. May draw inspiration from the femme fatale bold look.
    • Neptune in the 8th House Celebs: Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore, Kristen Stewart.
  • Neptune in the 9th House: With this house ruling foreign lands and travel, people with this placement may draw inspiration from other cultures for their makeup looks (e.g. Kpop influence, French makeup, etc.) or it could indicate being into very specific aesthetics. This placement may not get into makeup until they're older. The best look for this placement is bronzy and sun-kissed. May be adventurous with makeup.
    • Neptune in the 9th House Celebs: Megan Thee Stallion, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus
  • Neptune in the 10th House: With the 10th house ruling your career and public image, if you're not into makeup now and you are young you might learn how to do it because it will be an expectation in your career when you're older. Bronzy looks and heavy contour can look good. Super dramatic but neutral eye looks like classic Hollywood glamour would look best.
    • Neptune in the 10th House: Princess Diana, Christina Aguilera, Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Naomi Campbell
  • Neptune in the 11th House: With the eleventh house ruling groups, friendship and dreams, this placement likely has Pinterest boards for makeup and looks to social media for inspiration. This placement also indicates makeup being a creative outlet. This placement gives me Euphoria glam vibes - vibrant bold looks to go out with friends. Even with natural looks everyday, try adding bold pops of color. Go for glowy natural base with emphasis around the eyes and lips.
    • Neptune in the 11th House Celebs: Billie Eillish, Zooey Deschanel, Candice Swanepoel, and Barbara Palvin.
  • Neptune in 12th House: With the 12th house ruling secrets, loss and seclusions this Neptune placement may not like wearing a lot makeup. You might have a fear of wearing makeup and being judged. This placement would look best with light blush on ur cheekbones will look amazing on you also white liner in your waterline. and reddish-pink lips but not overdramatic.
    • Neptune in the 12th House Celebs: Megan Fox, Winona Ryder


Venus rules over beauty and aesthetics and is one of the best indicators of personal styles.

  • Aries Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Mars): Those with this placement are trend-setters who love bold colors and striking patterns. They make bold fashion choices and it suits them. They thrive in colorful, daring, fresh pieces. This can indicate having a very tomboyish style. Natives with Aries Venus in 1H or 10H usually are remembered as a fashion icon.
    • Colors: Red, purple, blue and black
    • Textures: Lace and Leather
    • Celebs with Aries Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Mars): Marilyn Monroe, Gigi Hadid, Mabel, Audrey Hepburn, Naomi Scott
  • Taurus Venus: Venus is exalted in Taurus, meaning it gives that area of life the highest of potential. People with this placement are. often effortlessly beautiful and fashionable. Comfort is key with this placement. They love all things warm and fuzzy. When they dress up, they like floral patterns or any kind of beautifully detailed elegant dresses.  They love the natural look.
    • Colors: Pink and Green
    • Textures: Fuzzy or Flowy
    • Celebs with a Taurus Venus: Lana Del Ray, Ariana Grande, Princess Diana, Amber Heard, and Lana Condor,
  • Gemini Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Mercury): The style of those with this placement is unpredictable, playful and colorful. Gemini Venus loves to wear either small pieces or big items, nothing in between. They love huge coats and chunky sweaters or mini skirts and tiny bags to make them feel light. They like items that are typically cute and girly. They have a cuteness to their style often.
    • Colors: Pale yellow, Bubblegum pink
    • Textures: Playful prints, Denims and Kntis
    • Celebs with Gemini Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Mercury): Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Margot Robbie, Lil Kim, Priyanka Chopra
  • Cancer Venus (Venus Conjunct Moon): This placement provides a wholesome and feminine style. They love cute little sweaters and timeless, classic, tasteful pieces. Their mother may be a major style inspiration.
    • Colors: Soft pastels
    • Textures: Floral patterns and silky textures
    • Cancer Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Moon): Lily Rose Depp, Cameron Diaz, Azealia Banks, Aubrey Plaza, Angelina Jolie, Zendaya, Iman, Arden Cho
  • Leo Venus (Venus Connect Sun): The style of this placement is very edgy and dramatic. This placement understands the art of "less is more". They'll center a look around one bold statement piece to tie a whole outfit together. Bold colors, prints and textures are a must.
    • Colors: Gold, purple, red
    • Textures: Animal print, sheer fabric, leather
    • Leo Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Sun) Celebs: Madonna, Kaia Geber, Kelsey Chow, Salma Hayek, Whitney Houston
  • Virgo Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Mercury): This placement loves intricate designs and all sorts of interesting patterns. This placement has a very understated and put together sense of style. They look very neat and clear.
    • Colors: Neutrals & soft colors
    • Textures: Intricate designs & patterns
    • Virgo Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Mercury) Celebs: Kim Kardashian, Candice Swanepoel, Rosalia, Gabrielle Union and Alexa Chung
  • Libra Venus: Venus is in domicile in Libra, meaning with this placement a person would be ruled by Venus. Those with this placement are the most objectively stylish. These natives love anything beautiful and glamorous and pick items that are very creative, elegant and timeless. Their style is airy, feminine and always aesthetically pleasing.
    • Colors: Soft pastels, Lilac
    • Textures: Silk,
    • Libra Venus Celebs: Grace Kelly, Rose McGowan, Bebe Rexha, Kiernan Shipka, Janel Parrish, and Jennifer Hudson
  • Scorpio Venus (Or Scorpio Conjunct Pluto): This placement indicates a seductive and teasing style. Scorpio Venus loves black & red. They tend to go for bright colors, patterns & alluring vibes. This placement loves cut outs and provocative pieces. They love to shock & tease with suggestive fashion items. 
    • Colors: Black, Red, Maroon
    • Textures: Velvet, Silk
    • Scorpio Venus Celebs: Cardi B, Doja Cat, Hailee Seinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, Taraji P. Henson, Holland Roden, Dakota Johnson
  • Sagittarius Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Jupiter): Sagittarius Venus loves anything that looks foreign or exotic. Their style is effortlessly cool, fiery & adventurous, they always twist trends to their own taste. They love mix different patterns, prints, and colors. This placement has a naturally bohemian flair.
    • Colors: Orange, Red, Bright blues
    • Textures: Furs and leathers
    • Sagittarius Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Jupiter) Celebs: Aaliyah, Suki Waterhouse, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Raven Symone, Christina Applegate
  • Capricorn Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Saturn): With this placement, the Saturn influence gives them a dark edge, as they love black. Their style is casual but professional. They love vintage items, and like to make statements with their clothing. A lot of them are attracted to high-end fashion.
    • Colors: Black, grey
    • Textures: Leather, denim, velvet
    • Capricorn Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Saturn) Celebs: Britney Spears, Megan Thee Stallion, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Miley Cyrus,
  • Aquarius Venus: With this placement, the style is unusual. With this placement you may like strange patterns and odd color combos. Their closet has all colors of the rainbow. This placement seeks to be unique and original. This placement gives a very of a hipster aesthetic.
    • Colors: Blue, yellow, purple
    • Textures: Denim, flannel. stripes and animal prints
    • Pisces Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Neptune) Celebs: Paris Jackson, Taylor Swift, Eva Mendes
  • Pisces Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Neptune): Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning it gives that area of life the highest of potential. This placement loves all things sequins, glitter and shimmer. Pisces Venus is an otherworldly kind of glamorous. Like Gemini, love to have cute patterns & details on their clothes like fruits & plants. Anything that flows & soft is ideal. 
    • Colors: White, blue, purple
    • Textures: sequins, glitter, patterns/detailing
    • Pisces Venus (Or Venus Conjunct Neptune) Celebs: Shay Mitchell, Diana Ross, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Michelle Pheiffer


Many people who have been studying have become quite understanding of the nature of their rising sign and how this reflects their personality as an individual (as the 1st house of ‘I am’). Though the Ascendant plays an important role as to how you recognise yourself, your personality and sense of individuality, your midheaven - and tenth house activity - rules your public appearance. We often view celebrities through their midheavens. Below are the aesthetics, colors and fashions associated with the midheaven.

  • Aries MC (Or Mars in the 10th House): Provocative and bold fashion statements. Red, and other bright colors to maximize luck and abundance.
  • Taurus MC (Or Venus in the 10th House): Beautiful in the eyes of the public. Pinks, greens and pastels look to maximize luck and abundance. Known for high fashion or owning nice things. Looks best in romantic aesthetic.
  • Gemini MC (Or Mercury in the 10th House): Known for having a very versatile style. Can pull off many different aesthetics. Pink, green and oranges to maximize luck and abundance. Go for a younger aesthetic.
  • Cancer MC (Or Moon in the 10th House) Attracts the most luck and abundance in whites, grays and taupes. Looks best in feminine styles with soft silhouettes. Conservative and traditional style.
  • Leo MC (Or Sun in the 10th House): Known for bold dramatic styles Known as a style icon. Try fun and bold pieces to attract wealth and abundance. Best colors are purple, red and orange. Iconic hair.
  • Virgo MC (Or Mercury in the 10th House): Known for being aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Naturally seen as stylish. Attracts the most luck and abundance in feminine romantic styles and pastel colors.
  • Scorpio MC (Or Pluto in the 10th House): Attracts the most luck and abundance in darks. Looks best in grunge and vampy aesthetics. Powerful appearance.
  • Sagittarius MC (Or Jupiter in the 10th House): Attracts the most luck and abundance in bright colors. Has a bohemian and hipster aesthetic. Looks great in playful, bold pieces.
  • Capricorn MC (Or Saturn in the 10th House): Attracts the most luck and abundance in blacks, grays and professional looking attire. Known for conservative and traditional look. Academia aesthetic looks great.
  • Aquarius MC (Or Uranus in the 10th House): Attracts the most luck and abundance in bold, eccentric pieces. Looks great in a hipster aesthetic.
  • Pisces MC (Or Neptune in the 10th House): Attracts the most luck and abundance in dreamy and romantic pieces. Looks best in soft silhouettes and colors.

Just like we are a whole chart in astrology, there is so much more to style in astrology then your sun and rising. Maybe you'll even try out a new aesthetic or makeup look.

Carly Long

Scranton '22

Carly is a senior studying Strategic Communications with a concentration in Legal Studies at The University of Scranton. This is her third year as CC at HC Scranton, which she hopes to continue to elevate. In her free time Carly can be found writing, working out, or buying new products to feed her skincare addiction.
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