9 Things I Learned My Junior Year

1. Turning 21 really is fun... And expensive.

Between parties for friends and having to pay for your drinks at the bar, those expenses really add up so use your money wisely!

2. Friends are everything.

From break-ups to family issues, if you've found the right group of friends, they'll help you through thick and thin and dry every tear.

3. Perfecting your resume and cover letters might seem like a tedious task.

Don’t give up on them though! It will be well worth it when you get that dream internship! 

4. However, don't get discouraged if you DON’T get that dream internship.

Apply for ones that seem like your dream but also apply for ones within reach as well. Experience is key!

5. Expand your horizons.

While you may feel like you know a good majority of people in your grade, which is possible if you go to a school as small as Scranton, chances are you probably don't. Sit next to someone you don't know too well in class. It's also never too late to join a new club! 

6. No ones’ major is better than the other.

Don't belittle anyone based on their major, especially if it's their passion!  Everyone has different strengths, so while your pre-med friend might be killin it in her Chem lab, she might not be able to write a paper as well as the Comm major in the group.

7. All of your friends living off campus makes everything more fun.

 You become even closer with people because you're constantly at one another's houses and even more inseparable than before. Bars are fun, but when else will these house parties ever be acceptable?  

8. Life will throw curveballs.

You just have to learn how to deal with them. No matter how perfect someone’s life may seem, chances are they’re dealing with a lot more than you think.

9. Cherish it all.

Forget about the drama, go out on a Tuesday when you have a paper due Wednesday, use those skips in your class if it means you get to sit around and hang out with your best friends. We only have one year left of some of the best times of our lives. Don’t take it for granted!