7 Signs You're Obsessed With Grey’s Anatomy

A couple years ago, my friend recommended that I watch Grey’s Anatomy. I looked it up on Netflix and saw nine seasons of about 20 episodes, an hour each. I thought to myself, “That is too much! I’ll never finish that!” Well, here I am 14 seasons later STILL watching. If you can relate to these seven signs, maybe you are obsessed too.

1. You are still not over Denny’s death

2. You think of George O’Malley, not James Bond, every time you hear "007"

3. Every time you get a little headache, you think that you are dying 4. When your friends are sick, you become their personal doctor 5. You spell "grey" with an "E"

6. All you want to do it dance it out after a bad day 7. Dr. Bailey is always there to boost your confidence