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7 Delish Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Drink Your Coffee

Coffee: “A beverage made by percolation, infusion, or decoction from the roasted and ground seeds of a coffee plant.” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Blah, blah, blah, however it’s made, all of us coffee drinkers know it’s the only thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. As much as our coffee is an extreme necessity for us to carry on our day with a pulse, it is important that we enjoy the coffee we are drinking at the same time. After all, coffee is not just a drink; it’s an experience. So without further ado, here are some different ways you can sip your cup of joe in the morning (or any time of the day).

1.  Doppio with lemon

This one is really easy, but has a kick that is definitely worth it for those hard-to-get-through-school-days. Simply brew a double shot of espresso, otherwise known as a doppio, and then squeeze a lemon around the rim of the serving glass. After, grab some raw sugar and sprinkle it around the now lemon-y rim of the glass. The result is a bold shot with a sweet and sour after taste.

2. Coffee smoothie

This is a great option for when you’re in the mood for more of a treat than a light coffee. However, there are many different recipes varying from dessert-like to light and frothy, so there is a coffee smoothie for everyone! A very caffeinated, but hearty coffee smoothie recipe can be found, here.

3. Coffee tonic


The beauty of this drink is that it is very light and easy to sip, while still providing that pick-me-up effect your day deserves. For those of you that are new to the coffee and tonic water combination, a guided recipe can be found, here


4 Iced coffee popsicles

What better way to get your caffeine fix while also enjoying a refreshing summer staple? Iced coffee popsicles are easily one of the best ways to accomplish just that. Although they must be prepared in advance, they are really easy and right here is a very useful recipe.


5. Homemade pumpkin spice latte

Basic girls, rejoice. There is a way to produce the great taste of a classic fall drink (or any season) without trekking to the coffee shop. In fact, there are many other flavors that can “spice” up any latte. The latte itself is just a great alternative to the regular cup of coffee. A simple homemade recipe for the pumpkin spice latte can be found, here.

6. Coffee pudding

Okay, so this way of preparing coffee may be for those with a bit of a sweet tooth, but it is nonetheless amazing. A tasty coffee pudding recipe fit for sweet tooth coffee drinkers can be found, here.

7. Cold brew coffee

Oh the cold brew, the perfect caffeinated beverage as a classic, but stronger typical iced coffee. Brewers beware; the cold brew takes twenty-four hours to brew, so make sure to allow ample time to prepare your precious concoction. Here is a great guide to all things cold brew, while also supplying a few recipes.

Cheers coffee lovers!

Karly is a senior exercise science major and aspiring acupuncturist at the University of Scranton. She loves anything that involves coffee or playing with animals. Her favorite pastime is hanging with her horse, Jack. Follow her on insta @karlym_
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