"60 Minutes" Producer Talks to University of Scranton Students

The University of Scranton- Emmy Award winning “60 Minutes” producer and a University of Scranton alumna, Nicole Young, spoke at a lecture for The University of Scranton’s communication department students. Young is a senior producer at “CBS” and is one of the most awarded producers under the age of 40. She has been honored with 10 News and Documentary Emmys. 

Young graduated from The University of Scranton in 2000 and went to graduate school in London, getting her master’s in international journalism. She began her career as an assistant for Scott Pelley in Washington D.C., who was work for “60 Minutes” sister show “60 minutes II.”

 Young specializes in humanitarian and investigative journalism. She has traveled across world, especially focusing her work on the Middle East. Young has produced documentary pieces on war-torn areas, famine and child hunger domestically and internationally. 

Young has made leaps and bounds, but she hasn't always been patient with herself. In a time where she didn’t believe in herself, her family did; especially her brother. She acknowledged that she took every opportunity she could in order to get where she is today. “You need to get lucky once, and what you do with that luck and how you keep the door open is what matters. . . It's hard, but i can’t imagine not doing this,” Young said. 

She got her first internship sophomore year of college with WYOU as intern. Young also interned for two other “CBS” seeded channels, which helped her with her journalism and producing career. 

“60 Minutes” is an American television program and news magazines on “CBS” network. Don Hewitt created the program that aired in 1968. Hewitt fashioned an innovative way of centering the reporter around the investigation, that set this program apart from others. To watch any of Young’s produced pieces from “60 Minutes”, go to https://www.cbsnews.com/60-minutes/.