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6 Ways To Make Money While At School

I’m sure any collegiette will agree with me when I say that making money throughout the school year can be a struggle. Having a job during college can be difficult, especially if you go to a school out of state. If you’re like me and only have a summer job, your money is most likely gone by the first month of the semester, because of costly  textbook prices and other necessities. However, there are a few simple ways in which you can make some extra money for yourself during the school year!

1. Earn money by spending money

Surprisingly, there are apps out there that actually give you money when you spend money. One that I learned about just last week is called Ibotta. This app gives you cash rebates on all kinds of store brands. It’s perfect for people who go grocery shopping often. Another app I also recently learned about is Ebates. They have hundreds of different stores that give you cash back from every product you buy. These apps are absolutely worth checking out!


2. Sell personal items

This is personally my favorite way to earn some extra spending money throughout the year. I’m sure we all have clothes lying around that we don’t plan on wearing anymore. Try selling them on Poshmark. I started using this site over the summer, and I’m so obsessed with it. Once you sell an item, the money will be placed into your account, allowing you to request a check at any point. Another website where you can sell your belongings is LetGo. This website allows you sell non-clothing related items instead.


3. Sell handmade crafts

If you are an artist, or just enjoy making crafts, you should definitely consider selling some of your work. There are so many people out there who love to buy handmade products, such as jewelry or paintings. Etsy.com allows you to sell your artwork, with just a small commission going towards them. This is a great way to make money by doing what you love.


4. Online surveys

There are so many websites out there that pay you just to take surveys and watch videos. Two that are easy and legit are swagbucks.com and inboxdollars.com. Although you may not make too much on those sites at first, give it some time and you will eventually earn more money than you expected. Spend a few minutes taking some surveys while waiting for your class to start and you will thank yourself later on.


5. Download an App

Yep, you read that right! Smartpanel.io is a website that literally pays you money just to download their app and keep it on your phone. They pay you for each month you keep it, which will add up over time. This is probably the easiest way to make some extra money, so why wouldn’t you try it?


6. Blogging

This isn’t as simple as the other ways are, but if writing is something you enjoy doing, this is always an option you can consider. Obviously, you aren’t going to make money by just blogging once or twice; however, if you are willing to put in the work, you could potentially earn some money down the line. There are so many famous bloggers out there that get paid to test out a company’s product and then write about it. If this is something you would want to learn more about, you should check out bloggingbasics101.com for some helpful tips!


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