5 Ways to Get Ready for Fall Szn


It’s September 21stand things are starting to get a bit chilly! The leaves are changing to bright orange and yellow and that “wear a hoodie in the morning then regret it in the afternoon” season is finally starting to die down. Sometimes it can be tricky to transition from hot to almost freezing cold, so here’s ten tips on how to make sure you’re starting off sweater weather right!


  1. 1. Leaves and pumpkins everywhere!

    One of the first things that will help get you in the spirit for fall is putting up decorations to represent the season change! Having fake leaves and décor pumpkins around the place will have you feeling like you’re outside enjoying the breeze and laying in the leaves while inside your warm home!

  2. 2. Treats, Treats, and Treats!

    Baking is essential in everyday life, so why not give it a fall festive twist? It’s a super fun indoor activity if you don’t like being in the cold for too long and you’ll have dessert for at least 3 days. Who does love pumpkin pie?

  3. 3. Hayrides and orchards!

    People love apple pies too, right? So why not stop by your nearest orchard or pumpkin patch! One of the best ways to get into the fall mood is by enjoying the weather and all that can be done in it before it starts getting toocold. Buy a jug of your local apple cider, sit on the hayride with your favorite people, and create new memories for you and all your friends!

  4. 4. Fun w/out dry skin!

    We all know that with the start of cold weather, your skin starts to get a bit dry. Don’t let the weather scare you into thinking you can’t go out and have fun because it’ll dry out your skin! Stop by your local beauty store and make sure to stock up on moisturizers for your skin! This will let you enjoy the cool breeze in the leaves while eating that pumpkin pie you just baked with your fresh apple cider without having to worry about doing damage to your skin!

  5. 5. HOODIES!!

    Its hoodie szn!!!! One of the best ways to enjoy fall is to just have a bunch of hoodies! Hoodies are cute, fashionable, stylish, chic, and sporty! This versatile piece of clothing will help you transition from blazing hot suns to fresh cloudy wind in a very simple way. Of course, don’t forget your sweaters, scarves, and boots too! Even if you think you have too many hoodies, go and buy some more! There’s no such thing as “too many hoodies”

I hope these tips can you help you get ready to jump in the leaves and go pumpkin picking! Happy Fall!