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5 Things You Need if your Dog is your Best Friend

Is your furry friend the absolute light of your life? Do other humans pale in comparison to your four-legged roommate? Is being a dog parent your life’s greatest pride and joy? If your dog is the center of your universe (as they should be!), then here are ten things you absolutely need to get your hands (or paws) on. 

  A super safe (but also a little hilarious) dog seat belt 

If you’ve ever come to a sudden stop while on the road with your dog, you know the absolute terror of watching them bounce around the backseat like a pinball. Keep your pup secure and comfortable with a dog seat belt! These adorable harnesses keep dogs of all shapes and sizes safe in the backseat, so you can have peace of mind while your dog comfortably enjoys the view! They are available in a huge range of styles, sizes, and prices, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your next puppy-and-me road trip!  



A pillow that looks like your dog, because why not? 

 Looking to incorporate your love for you dog into your home décor? Look no further! These custom pillows turn your pooch’s face into the perfect accent piece. Extra? Yes. Adorable? Absolutely. There are countless variations available on Etsy.  


A dog treat baking mold  

Nothing says “I love you” like a home-cooked treat! Show your pup your appreciation with these adorable silicone molds that allow for super simple treat-baking. There are tons of recipes available online, and many can be altered to include all your dog’s favorite goodies! They are available in a variety of dog-themed shapes like bones and paw prints and the results are sure to be a hit with your furry friend! 

A simple yet effective paw cleaner 

Let’s face it: you love your dog more than anything, and it’s nearly impossible to be mad at them. But there’s no pain quite like that of watching your pup come in from a muddy or snowy walk and get a severe case of the zoomies, splattering your furniture and carpets with messy (albeit adorable) pawprints. These cleaner cups let you clean your dog’s paws quickly and easily even on the go! The soft silicone bristles get the job done without irritating your dog’s paws. It’s a simple way to keep your dog (and your home) fresh and clean.



A Bark Box subscription 


Have you ever experienced the joy of getting a subscription box in the mail? Maybe it was filled with makeup samples, or your favorite snacks, or maybe you’re even old enough to remember the days before streaming when a Netflix subscription brought movies to your door (hello, medieval times?). If so, you know just how exciting it is to get goodies in your mailbox. Doesn’t your pooch deserve the same excitement? Bark Box is a subscription box that dog owners customize to include all of their dog’s favorite snacks and toys. Before you know it, your dog will rejoice at the sight of a carboard box showing up at the front door. The Bark Box service is the perfect way to thank your pup for all the joy they bring you.  


Celia Condon

Scranton '23

I am a sophomore nursing student at the University of Scranton and a lover of dogs, art, and running. I can pretty much always be found in the library, at the gym, or enjoying a good book.
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