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It is day 5 of my at home quarantine. It is so strange that all of my friends are home and we have not seen each other that much. My friend group at home is super close, so this is very odd for us to stay away from each other for this long. I saw them two days ago, Yet, as the Corona Virus is getting “worse” we see each other less and less. Here are some things that I have been doing during my time at home to not go crazy! :)


I have been working out like crazy, once even twice. I have a full gym in basement, so I have been able to keep on track with my workout routine. I have also been going on like walks and hikes with my friends.

Binge Watch a TV Show on Netflix

I recently watched Love Is Blind, which I loved. I am a huge dating show stan. I also caught up on Greys Anatomy and let me say Meredith Grey is still that bitch… SHE IS A QUEEN. 

Watch a New Movie

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 1998 adaption of Little Women. I watched the new adaption with Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh, and I absolutely loved it!!! It was different but the same all at once. I thought the acting and cinematography was beautiful

Taking Long Showers/Baths & Playing Around with Makeup/Skin Care Routines

I have been taking my time in the shower because it is such a relaxing past time. I pretend like I am at a spa. I also have been playing around with the skin care products around my house to see if I can add anything new into my routine. I have been doing different Tik Tok makeup routines and hacks. I have had so much fun experimenting with new looks

Living Vicariously Through Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Being Quarantined Together

Any Bachelor STAN is over the moon about the two hanging out and possibly getting back together. I literally am checking socially media 24/7 for this juicy content. TANNAH UNITE!



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Life isn't all diamonds and rosé, but it should be... Just a Scranton girl, trying to make it big someday;)
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