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The 5 Pros and Cons of Being the Girlfriend of a College Athlete

Being the girlfriend of a college athlete can be a whirlwind. Between keeping up with his crazy sports schedule and listening to the drama of the team, there’s not much to do other than transforming into his personal cheerleader. It’s your mission to be as supportive as possible, but here are a few things you can either look forward to or deny when your boyfriend is “in season.”


1. Practice – Sports seasons last about four months. So this means for four months your boyfriend is constantly at practice, lifting, at practice again, and then back to lifting. Roughly three hours out of your boyfriend’s days are dedicated to a long enduring practice and if it doesn’t go well… you are the one that hears it all.

2. Team drama- Win together, lose together… not so much. If the team doesn’t play well, the soccer game ends and the blame game begins. Lucky for us girlfriends, we get to hear all about it and quickly learn the team members’ names by the drama caused.

3. Constantly complaining about being “too sore” or “too tired”- “Can I pretty please have a back massage?” “My legs are sore.” “I need a nap.” Are just a few of the many complaints that your man continues to say over and over again throughout the whole season. All you can do is just smile and nod your head (and countdown the days left in the season)

4. Bleacher Butt- what type of girlfriends would we be if we didn’t attend some of the games? Despite being able to finally see our boyfriends do their thing out on the field or court, bleacher butt seems to be quite the downfall. P.S.  Always bring extra cushioning or purchase a bleacher seat.

5. Smelly BF B.O.- and last but not least, a smelly boyfriend for the win. During the game, our boyfriends give it their all. After the game, we are able to smell that. There’s a certain aroma given off by an athlete from their sweaty jerseys to their awful smelling soccer cleats.



6. Games- You have permission to dress crazy covered in school colors and cheer him on! Games are automatically your highlight of his sport season.

7. Playoffs- who doesn’t look forward to playoffs? You smell competition.

8. Live statistics- There should be a reality show Keeping Up With My Boyfriend’s Game because, of course, when you can’t make the game you’re logging onto your laptop.

9. Live streamed games- A continuation of Keeping Up With My Boyfriend’s Game… live streaming games. It’s like being part of the action in the comfort of your own home (no bleacher butt this time).

10. Big hug/kiss at the end of the game- Finally, running to him for a big hug and kiss is the most anticipated part of the whole game and makes that bleacher butt a little more worth it. 

Kayla is a sophomore counseling and human services major at the University of Scranton. One day she aspires to assist children with intellectual disabilities. Her favorite organization for completing volunteer work at is the Ronald McDonald House. She is also the events director for HC Scranton and is always looking for a new adventure for her and other team members to embark on. In addition, she loves to binge watch "The Office." Small town PA girl just trying to make it in a Scranton world.
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