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5 Phases You Go Through When College Separates You and Your Best Friend

You’ve confided in her. You’ve stayed up all night with her. You’ve laughed with her. You’ve cried with her. You’ve partied with her… she bought you Taco Bell.

Your best friend from home is one of the most important people in your life. After spending a substantial amount of time together, college forced you to part ways.

But, nothing can disconnect you! Not even college…right?

Compiled here is a list of the basic phases friends go through as they start this new chapter in their lives. So get ready, we hope you can relate.

1. DenialYou never imagined what college would be like without your best friend, and most likely tried not to think about it. Because of your optimism, you figured you’d manage. “It really doesn’t feel like we’re at different schools, this is great!!!! I’ll Facetime you tomorrow same time and place!!!!” 

2. DepressionThis is how you feel when you realize the unspeakable. You both have separate lives now. After seeing each other every single day, you can’t handle living so far away. You’re officially in an LDR. At this stage, you may find yourself falling asleep while clutching her senior pic, listening to “your song” as a single tear falls down your face, or “TBT”ing your favorite picture from Prom. 

3. Jealousy, otherwise known as “The Relationship Phase”“Why hasn’t she answered me in days?” “Who is that in her snapchat story?” Yes, you and your best friend are technically now in an envious relationship… This stage will fade in time, once you adjust.  “What does that girl have that I don’t???”

4. Realization Phase (the “wow this is real life” phase)You are both busy experiencing new things on your own. This is when you realize that distance is not a barrier. You become happy that she is happy and you cannot wait to meet her new friends. You’ll even stop referring to them as “those people who replaced me”. 

5. FriendsgivingAt last, the ultimate phase is the “Friendsgiving” phase where everyone comes back home for Thanksgiving break, and you act as if you pick up right where you left off. Hang in there! Very shortly, Friendsgiving will take place, and this year you can be thankful for your BFF.

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