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5 Makeup Brands Worthy of Your Loyalty

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Every girl knows the struggle of finding the perfect makeup for your precious routine. These products will be with you from the second you put them on your face in the morning until you take your makeup off (dreadfully) at night. It’s important to know where these products are coming from and what the companies stand for. To make it easier for you, we’ve provided five cruelty-free makeup brands that are so worth the hype.

1. NYX

Matte Lipstick – These lipsticks are truly matte, and long-lasting!

                  Our favorite shades: Alabama, Dark Era

Liquid Suede – So many shades to try, so little $$$ to blow. Each one of these has a finish somewhere in between satin and matte.

                  Our favorite shades: Club Hopper, Vintage, Sandstorm

Soft Matte Lip Cream – Once again, NYX perfects the matte finish. Grab your reds, browns, nudes and whatever else you’re into, and enjoy the softest application, just like that name says!

                  Our favorite shades: Cannes, Budapest

Lip Lingerie – These liquid lipsticks are so fab. If you’re looking for that Kylie look without spending major bucks, pick up some of these babies. The only negative thing about this particular line of lip product is that there is a very limited amount of shades; kind of a bummer, but if you love nudes and mauves, you’ll love Lip Lingerie!

                  Our favorite shades: Bedtime Flirt, Ruffle Trim, Honeymoon


2. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Cream or Powder Contour Kit – These will be your go-to for your night out makeup routine! The best part about these kits is that they combine all of your favorite products for contouring in one, so there is no need for a separate highlight or contour product. A great tip for deciding which one to purchase is getting the cream kit if you have dry skin and the powder if you run more oily. This brand is also great because they cater to ladies of all different complexions, so feel free to get your instagram-worthy contour on with one of the many shades of this palette!

3. ColourPop

Ultra Matte Lip – Damn, back at it again with the matte lip! Ok we get it, that online-sensation-ship has sailed, but the desire for endless matte lip shades hasn’t!

                  Our favorite shades: Viper, Notion, Beeper

Ultra Satin Lip – What’s inexpensive, long-lasting and silky all over? Colourpop’s Ultra  Satin Lip has got your back. This lip product will give you the satin look that traditional lipsticks do, without being too glossy or too matte.

                  Our favorite shades: Femme, Echo Park, Magic Wand

Lippie Pencils – Tend to your smudging lip sorrows with the greatest product that has ever happened to you, Lippie Pencils. What’s amazing about this product is Colourpop has a matching Lippie Pencil to every lipstick shade they offer. Lip liners can be used with the matching lipstick or a color similar to your natural lip color to prevent bleeding.

                  Our favorite shades: Contempo, Brink, Aquarius


4. Wet n Wild

PhotoFocus Pressed Powder – If you’re looking for a solid alternative to your translucent powder, this is the one to pick up! It won’t leave a trace on your face (a.k.a. NO STREAKS). If you have dry skin, make sure to apply this product carefully!


5. Tarte

Tartiest Pro Amazonion Clay Palette – Thank YEEZUS for this eye shadow palette! There are 20 shades to mix and match and blend ‘till you can’t blend no more. The first 16 shades are matte, and the other 4 were sent down from shimmery, sparkle heaven. The mattes are definitely more pigmented than the shimmers, but it all works out when you use both types of eye shadows.

            Our favorite shades: Indie, Profesh, Drama, Ethereal

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner – Is it a liquid? Is it a gel? Honestly, it’s hard to be sure, but all your questions will be answered when this liner hits your eyelid. Make sure you purchase it with the brush specifically for applying liner; it makes life so much easier!







Happy cruelty-free shopping :-)


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