5 Childhood Games That Bring Back Real Memories

When’s the last time you thought about those silly online games we used to play as kids? Aside from Play Station, Game Cube and Xbox, online games were all the hype when we were growing up. Computer software development was the newest craze in the early 2000s. Wonder where those games are today? Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Millsberry

To begin, Millsberry unfortunately shut down. I know, I teared up too. It started in 2004 and shut down in 2010. The game allowed its users to create a character, personalize houses, play games, win prizes, etc. Sadly, they had to close its doors once their number of users decreased.

2. Stardoll

This game launched in 2004 and is still in effect today. The changes from the way the website looked in 2004 to present day are so drastic!

3. Nickelodeon and Disney Channel Games

Specifically, the SpongeBob and Lilo and Stitch games. Just to name a few that were worthy of remembering: Suite Life Pizza Party Pick Up, Raven’s Piggy Bank Pinball, Kim Possible games, and many more.


4. Webkinz

My friends and I would spend hours on Webkinz. I went on the website and it looks exactly the same. The nostalgia was unreal. This game was more beneficial than a silly game. It allowed children to care for an animal, although not real, while being able to play games and have fun. 

5. Snood

If you didn’t play Snood, did you even have a childhood? I don’t know. If Snood wouldn’t give me a virus, I’d download it right now.