41 Thoughts You’ll Have While Watching The First Episode of Fuller House

It’s been nearly 21 years since the last episode of Full House aired on television.  For many of us, the Tanners felt like a part of our very own family.  The classic TV show always offered laughs and life lessons.  Even though it’s humor was corny, Full House will always be a part of our hearts. So, of course society couldn’t have been happier when Netflix announced they would be revamping the show!  The day has finally come and Fuller House is now available on Netflix.  Here are the thoughts you’ll have while watching the very first episode.

1. Wow, starting the show off with the original theme song. Emotions everywhere!

2. How come clean-freak Danny Tanner is okay with serving toast that fell on the floor?
3. How DID Uncle Jesse stay that good looking after all these years? Have mercy…
4. Glad to see Joey is still behaving like a 5 year old after having too much Capri Sun.
5. Uncle Jesse and Becky are still couple goals.
6. Jesse is General Hospitals music composer? What happened to the Rippers?!
7. TBH, Steph, your new English accent is a bit too much...
8. Ouch, I'm sure Michele Tanner felt those death glares all the way in New York.  How rude!
9. Helloooo Nicky and Alex! You two grew up nice!
10. Stephanie stole DJ's name, classic.
11. That accent needs to go...
12. Kimmy's feet were the only thing to make it go away, thank God!
13. A new theme song?! How did Carly Rae Jepson get picked for this job?
14. What are the odds that DJ finds herself in the same position her father did 29 years ago...
15. I can't believe Joey still has that creepy woodchuck.

16. Why does Danny's new wife look younger than his daughters?
17. Is it just me or does anyone else think Jesse and Becky wanna change the locks and hide from their kids?
18. Another clean freak. That's exactly what this family needed.
19. Kimmy Gibbler actually got married and had a child? Yikes.
20. Do Kimmy and her daughter really refer to Danny, Jesse, and Joey as dreamy, cleanie, and weenie? I mean they're not wrong...
21. Does anyone else feel as uncomfortable as I do during this family dance number?
22. Steve and DJ are as perfect together now as they were at their prom in 1995!

23. Okay Jackson, don't pretend you're not totally into Ramona.
24. Becky is really attached to this baby.
25. Of course Jesse is singing Forever. Why wouldn't he be?
26. I found the Rippers!
27. Danny still loves to embarrass himself.
28. It's been 22 minutes and I'm already invested in the idea of Jackson and Ramona falling in love.
29. How did Steve hide those lunchables in his pants?
30. He is so cute! How is DJ not all over him right now?
31. How come I didn't get to play Kimmy Gibbler’s daughter?
32. Comet Jr. Jr.? That's a bit of over kill, don't you think?
33. Oh c'mon DJ, give the kid a dog!
34. Anyone else crying while listening to DJ over the baby monitor? I sure am.
35. Stephanie and Kimmy are going to move in and help DJ raise the kids? Did NOT see that coming.

36. Danny is just giving DJ the house? Must be nice...
37. Max is so hyped over getting a dog it's too cute.
38. What happened to Danny's new wife? How was she only shown for a brief minute then forgotten about?
39. What a nice little flashback they tossed in there.
40. The boys are passing the torch on to the girls, how touching.
41. I bet none of those kids even know who the Flinstones are.