4 Hottest Makeup Items For Festival Season

All right ladies and gents, it is finally festival season! Although, I have never been to Coachella or any type of music festival; I love the fashion trends that pop up during these festivities.  The style of Coachella almost predicts how summer trends are going to be. The trend could be high-wasted denim shorts, platform shoes, and some of our worst trends … the flower crown. Along with the clothes, comes the makeup. It’s out with old, and in with the new. Here are the four hottest makeup items for this festival season!

1. Too Faced Life’s a Festival Eye Shadow Palette

Move over aliens, and say hello to unicorns! I feel as if every year Coachella has a new mystical animal that comes about. There has been the cat, the alien, the mermaid, and not it is time for the unicorn. This palette has beautiful mattes and shimmers that range from pinks to blues to greens. Festival season is a perfect time to play with different eyeshadows, instead of your golds and browns. This palette is available at both Sephora and Ulta for $42.00.

2. Hush Prism Airbrush Spray

Who wants to permanently dye their hair for a 4 day festival? Not me!! This is the perfect colored hair spray that ranges from colors of pink, red, turquoise, yellow, deep blue, and grey. This spray washes out very easily as well. You can pull a Kylie Jenner with different color hair everyday! This spray is available for $24.00 at Sephora.

3. Stila Glitter & Glow Face Highlighters

These metallic or glitter finish highlighters are to die for! They give an iridescent shine that can make you shine bright like a diamond; whether you’re a unicorn or an alien! What is amazing about these highlighters is they can also be used as eyeshadows, two for the price of one! They Are sold at Sephora for $24.00 and Ulta for $30.00.

4. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick

Kat Von D has the creamiest lipstick formula. For every high school dance I have used her lipstick and I swear by it! Kat Von D’s studded lips comes in shimmer, matte, and metallic finishes, which is ideal for any look! This lipstick is only available at Sephora for $19.00. Look at me acting like I know how to dress for a festival, even though I’ve never been to one!!! I just adore fashion and makeup, so seeing all these new trends is so exciting. For this Coachella season, I can only wish that Kylie Jenner & CO. make an appearance! I am most of all excited to see the luxurious outfits of this year’s festival season.