3 reasons why you should travel


1. Meet new friends all around the world

You will always meet some new friends during the trip. I started to travel with my friend in freshman year, and it was a whole new world for me at that time! I still remember when my friend and I went to Okinawa, we stay at a small hostel which was pretty nice. It was a traditional Japanese style hostel and there is a public space with tatami mat so people can chat or do whatever you want there. That day typhoon hit Okinawa so bad that we even couldn’t go out and get food and basically my friend and I were locked with 3 other guys from Hong Kong in that cozy hostel. We started to play uno, play instruments and chat, and I believed that we all had fun because we then traveled together on the next day! The best part is that we made a small cake that night when we were drunk, and I cannot describe how great is it! I believe that somehow traveling is about how you interact with the “people” around you and create your own memories!


2. Great things happen


You can’t plan everything when you are travelingand that’s the best part of traveling because great things happened! My friend and I went to Thailand last time, we spent 3 days on a fantastic island. I can’t forget the sunshine and crystal clear ocean therebecause everything was just perfect. In the night, there was a famous fire dance show beside the beach, and we did enjoy it. But that was not the best part. We were hanging around after the show ended and don’t know why we ended up with talking to those dancers.  They invited us to play soccer on the beach in the night! Just imagine that you were playing soccer with the sound of the waves and a sky full of stars, isn’t that amazing? This is always the reason why I love travel because interesting things happen all the time!



3. Changes the way you think about the world

I think because the former 2 reasons, you will start to change how you think about the world and your life. Sometimes life is hard, but if you go travel regularly to relax, you will still love this world so much because there are so many things you haven’t seen, tried or even done. As long as you know more about this world, you will be humbler and want to absorb more. Life will definitely be way much more fun if you love to travel!