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22 Underrated Songs from Popular Artists

Whenever an artist releases an album, there are always a few songs that stand out and blow up. These songs typically obtain a spot on the top 10 or 20 hottest songs of the moment until they become overplayed and eventually fade out.  However, these songs are usually not the only good songs on the album! Here is a list of some of the most underrated songs from popular artists:


Miley Cyrus- Drive

Known for: Can’t Be Tamed, We Can’t Stop


The Chainsmokers- Don’t Say

Known for: Closer


The 1975- Settle Down, Sex

Known for: The Sound


Aminé- Beach Boys and Money

Known for: Caroline


Childish Gamibo- Pop Thieves

Known for: 3005


The Neighbourhood- Single

Known for: Sweater Weather


Ke$ha- Woman

Known for: Tik Tok


Khalid- American Teen, Let’s go and Hopeless

Known for: Location


The Weeknd- Sidewalks and In the Night

Known for: Can’t Feel My Face 


SoMo- Play

Known for: Solo 


Justin Bieber-Get Used to It

Known for: Despacito


Lorde- White Teeth Teens and The Louvre

Known for: Royals


Rihanna- Consideration

Known for: Love on the Brain, Work


Ed Sheeran- This, New Man and I’m a Mess

Known for: Castle on the Hill, Shape of You


Big Sean- Research

Known for: I Don’t Fuck with You


Sam Smith-Not in that Way and Restart

Known for: Stay With Me, Latch


Ryn Weaver- Pierre

Known for: OctaHate



Known for: Sexual


Ariana Grande- Break Your Heart Right Back Ft. Childish Gambino 

Known for: One Last Time, Side to Side


Drake- Madiba Riddim and Blem

Known for: Passionfruit, Fake Love


Frank Ocean- Lost

Known for: Ivy, Super Rich Kids


A$AP Rocky- Fashion Killer

Known for: F**kin Problems and Everyday


While the songs these artists are most known for are great, it is good to branch out and listen to the rest of his or her works! Take a listen!

Laura Riemer is a strategic communication major with a concetration in public relations. She also has three minors in finance, accounting and business. She hopes to continue her education by getting her masters in something in the realm of finance. Laura enjoys writing, listening to music, hanging out with her friends and traveling. She went to England, Scotland and Greece during high school and hopes to have a career that that allows her to continue her travels. 
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