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21 Signs You’re a Wannabe Football Fangirl

That one ‘F’ word that most girls hate hearing: Football. There’s at least one guy in your life whether it’s your boyfriend, guy best friend, a brother or dad who watches Sunday night football. To fit in, you decide to watch football too. You choose your favorite team, get a jersey, and head over to hang with the guys and watch the game. Here is the wanna-be football fan girl watching and attempting to understand the game everyone loves.  

1.It’s the start of the game and you pretend you’re coach Eric Taylor and give the team some pep-talk through the TV screen.

2.Your favorite team comes out with new kick @$$ uniforms.

3.Football isn’t just about football players; you get annoyed when the guys are checking out the cheerleaders.

4.First foul of the game and you pretend you know what call was made.

5.When the other team scores and you have a breakdown.

6.Finally a call you understand so why not demonstrate it. Incomplete pass!! Back to the 45 yard line.

7.Still in shock that you knew which call was made so the guys ask you how that was possible. Your response?

8.Something big happens in the game and the guys go wild but you were too busy texting to understand.

9.You still decide to cheer and pretend you didn’t miss the biggest play of the whole game.

10.Of course the TV freezes during the most intense part of the game so you decide to lend a not so helping hand.

11.You’re falling apart and still trying to understand the game that the guys are too focused on.

12.Luckily for the guys, you can’t be featured on the Jumbotron from home.

13.WHOA touchdown for your team! The guys go wild but maybe you went a little too wild and they can’t calm you down.

14.Halftime and the guys beg you to make them some snacks. No problem, you are an excellent cook…. Or as least you thought you were.

15. Third quarter of the game and your guy friends are tired of you talking too much while the game is on.

16.You try to apologize for talking but the guys don’t give into your sad faces.

17.Fourth quarter and the team your rooting for is down by 9.

18.Of course the referee decides to make a bad call now.

19.And when you realize that your team is about to lose you suddenly remember the bet the guys bribed you into making at the start of the game.

20.So close to the end of the game and you just give up cheering for your team because at this point they are bound to lose.

21. The final whistle sounds and your team lost. Time to hand over that money for the bet, better luck next time.


Kayla is a sophomore counseling and human services major at the University of Scranton. One day she aspires to assist children with intellectual disabilities. Her favorite organization for completing volunteer work at is the Ronald McDonald House. She is also the events director for HC Scranton and is always looking for a new adventure for her and other team members to embark on. In addition, she loves to binge watch "The Office." Small town PA girl just trying to make it in a Scranton world.
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