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2021: A Time to be More Eco-Friendly!

If you are anything like me, you have been striving this year to limit your carbon footprint on the Earth to minimize the effects of climate change from your actions, large or small. That being said, there are many simple ways to do so, but the key to real change is consistency in those actions. Although it may seem like change on a personal level is meaningless, truly, the wave of change comes from every one of us doing our part in being as eco-friendly and green as possible! The changes can start small and build up to bigger and more prominent each time, it just starts with taking the first step. Here are a list of steps that you can take, in all different forms and sizes, to implement positive changes in your daily life. Often times, these changes may seem scary, drastic, or even strange. However, each day we create new habits and routines for ourselves. Life is always changing, so why not make some of those fleeting moments of change positive to impact the planet in a healthy way? 


  • Instead of one-time use products, start purchasing/investing in more eco-friendly products, such as reusable water bottles, containers, and straws rather than continuous plastic, and use reusable totes or paper bags for groceries instead.   

  • If we all collectively choose to eat 40% less of cattle meat in our daily meals, the impact the meat industry would have on climate change would significantly decrease, creating healthier air in our ecosystems.  

  • Begin using more renewable and sustainable energy in your home by installing solar panels on the roof instead or investing in wind energy, such as turbines.  

  • Do not buy food and produce that will expire easily, only buy produce you know you will eat before it expires, or limited meat and dairy products.  

  • Avoid fast fashion and shopping more sustainable brands, or for that matter, even second-hand to save both money and avoid continued mass production of products that already plenty of enough exist for.  

  • Begin traveling more climate-friendly, for example, walking or riding a bike to work rather than driving. Our cars and flights each day increase the amount of Carbon emissions in the air, whereas walking, riding a bike and taking public transport significantly help fight the climate crisis.  

  • Reducing the amount of water waste each day from your place of residence by trying to turn the water off in between brushing your teeth, or to shorten shower lengths.  

Hello, my name is Dominique Preate and I am currently a student at the University of Scranton. I love Her Campus because I love getting to read what other girls want to write about, as well as all the new friends I have gotten the opportunity to meet along the way!
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