16 Things All Retail Workers Can Relate To

As someone who has been working in retail for over three years, I can honestly say it is one of the most stressful yet rewarding part-time jobs someone can have. Depending on the store you work at, it can be a fast-paced environment that challenges you to always be on your toes. I worked at American Eagle for two years, and then switched over to Victoria’s Secret PINK and have been there for over a year and a half. Both stores are located in the King of Prussia Mall; the second biggest mall in square area and biggest in retail space. Listed below are 15 things that I believe every retail worker has experienced!


  1. Black Friday madness


  1. When you tell a customer that there is none of the product they want left and they still make you check in the back because they think you’re just being lazy


  1. When you spend an hour reorganizing a clothing fixture and walk away only to find a customer messing it up five minutes later



  1. When you hold out your hand for them to give you the money at the cash register and they put it on the counter instead


  1. When the customer starts yelling at you about the promotions (that aren’t in your control) and you have to sit there and listen
  1. When a customer attempts to return something that’s worn and over a year old and insists that he/she gets money back


  1. Spending your paycheck as soon as you get it because there’s a staff discount on the clothes


  1. When the phone rings while you’re checking out a customer


  1. When it’s a Monday morning so no one is shopping but your manager still wants you to be super productive


  1. Being forced to greet customers even though you mutually hate it


  1. When the store closes at 10 and a customer walks in at 9:58


  1. When a customer hands you a bundle of clothes that they aren’t purchasing without saying a word and walk away


  1. Having a half hour break, therefore having to run to get your food and run back to the store, all the while being stuck behind slow mall goers.


  1. When a customer asks, “Do you work here?” when you are clearly wearing a nametag, a headset and you’re folding clothes.


  1. “Oh it’s not scanning? Guess it’s free then!”


  1. And finally, when your manager says you can go home early