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15 Things That Happen When You Miss Your Dog at College

Whether it’s your mom’s chicken parm, your inviting queen- sized bed or the comfort of your best friend; every collegiette is bound to miss either something or someone from home.  But for me, I miss my dog. If you’re as head over heels with your dog as I am, here are 15 things I am sure you can relate:

1. When you spot another dog on campus your body gravitates toward it.

2. When you facetime, you are facetiming with your dog.

3. It is a necessity for your family to visit because it is a necessity for you to see your dog. 

4. You frequently gaze at *insert dogs name here* personalized iPhone photo album.

5. You even see your dog in your dreams.

6. You wonder if your dog misses you.

7. Your texts with your parents only contain daily updates on your dog.

8. You care more about managing your dog’s instagram than your own instagram.

9. You know all your school stress would be cured if you could just cuddle with your dog.

10. You bond with others by sharing dog stories. 

11. You’re always replacing your dorm room dog pictures with the latest, cutest, newest ones.

12. You research dog tricks instead of researching your science report due tomorrow.

13. You cannot control your excitement while driving home. Just a matter of moments until you’re reunited with your favorite family member.

14. You turn the arrival of your dog on campus into social event. You can’t wait to show off his or her cuteness.

15. You’re constantly plotting how to break the “no pets allowed” rule in the dorms.


Jessica is a junior exercise science major in the doctorate of physical therapy program at The University of Scranton. She is a part of the Exercise Science and Mountain Sports Clubs, and a member of the women's crew team. She enjoys running, traveling, puppies, and pizza.
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