12 Things That Happen During Cuffing Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to break out the vests, switch our Starbucks orders from iced coffee to Pumpkin Spice Lattes and prepare ourselves for cuffing season. If you’re not already aware, cuffing season occurs during the cold weather months when boys develop a fear of being cold and lonely and find the nearest girl to cuddle up. It’s a season filled with fall candles, snuggle sessions, and false hope.  

1. You receive a text at a reasonable hour from the bae-ish boy in your life. You immediately think “Was this a butt text?” “Did he even mean to text me?” or “Is this boy dying?”

2. When you realize he is alive and wants to hang out, you hurry to switch from sweatpants to yogas, throw on some make-up and use dry shampoo to hide last night’s greasy hair.

3. Netflix and chill might actually mean Netflix and chill. No seriously, he might really want to snuggle up in bed and watch a Rom-Com. (NO funny business attempts).

4. It finally sinks in that you’ll have to shave your legs this season. Say goodbye to your winter fur ladies!

5. You get ahead of yourself and start thinking things like, “Is it too soon for cute pumpkin patch pictures…? I really want cute pumpkin patch pictures.”

6. Ooooh and apple picking too! We would be really cute apple pickers.

7. You realize you are the only uncuffed one in your friend group. Time to cuddle up to your body pillow.

8. He accidentally leaves his sweatshirt in your room and you now have a boy-scented blanket. “MWAHAHAHAHA. Mine forever.”

9. You go home for the holidays and grandma asks if you have a boyfriend. “No Nana, I’m just cuffed.”

10. You start to worry about whether or not you have to exchange Christmas gifts. I don’t think Amazon sells anything that says “Hey, I really enjoyed this snuggle time with you, but don’t want to come on too strong.”

11. Your Sunday itinerary includes him watching football as you scroll through Pinterest looking for pins to add to your wedding/future baby’s board.

12. Sadly, as the temperature starts to go up, the relationships start to simmer down.