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11 Struggles of Laundry Sundays

Everyone is familiar with the anxiety you experience as your clothes begin to fill to the top of your laundry bin. By the time that Sunday comes around, doing laundry is inevitable…

When you try to escape all of your responsibilities, but on Sunday you realize your laundry is overflowing and you have no clean underwear.

So you drag yourself out of bed and as you lug your laundry to the laundry room, you realize you should start going to the gym more often. 

Once entering the laundry room you see that everyone else in your building was just as lazy as you and waited until today to do laundry.

You check the washer with the least amount of time and patiently pray that its user will be prompt. You’re readily prepared to fight anyone who tries to cut you off.

As you load your clothes into several washers, you wonder how you’ve collected so many t-shirts over the years and if anyone knows that you have ten pairs of the same leggings.

You set a timer for your laundry and stop what you’re doing to go get it only to discover that your sopping wet clothes are laying atop the machines. Whoever did that to you should be thankful for the fact that the washers lock after you start the cycle.

You confidently load your clothes into the dryer and set yet another timer

You walk down to get your laundry, hoping to make your last trip back and forth from the laundry room. However, to your surprise, the clothes you confidently loaded into the dryer are still wet. So you pay more money, put your clothes in for yet another cycle, and set another timer.

As you make your final trip to the laundry room, you realize you have dedicated a good portion of your day to doing laundry. You wonder how your mom does this for the whole family on a daily basis.

You finally get to the folding stage and you can’t help but find every possible way to procrastinate.

You finally finish putting your clothes away and realize all the homework you still have to do.

Jessica is a junior exercise science major in the doctorate of physical therapy program at The University of Scranton. She is a part of the Exercise Science and Mountain Sports Clubs, and a member of the women's crew team. She enjoys running, traveling, puppies, and pizza.
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