11 Gifs for Your 11 Long Distance Relationship Feels

Any long distance relationship can be a rollercoaster of emotions. These gifs will most likely encompass all the feels of you LDR gals out there:

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1. When you have to part at the end of summer


2. When you realize this is going to be way harder than you thought



3. When you get a cute text and have to show your BFF

4. When you realize all you do is text him but you don’t really care

5. When you both have to put down your phones to study (it’s traumatic)

6. When you’re doing some stalking and you see a girl comment on his latest insta

7. When you click on her page to snoop more and you accidentally like one of her old pictures

8. When you realize how jealous you are of every girl at his school

9. But he always reassures you that you’re the only one

10. When you hate every other couple around you because they remind you of you and him

11. But you realize you have your own bae and everything is going to be OK



<3 <3 <3