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10 Things To Know About Your First Semester at The University Of Scranton

The transition to college can be very intimidating. You arrive at your new home, with a bunch of strangers excited to start that next chapter of your life, but where do you start? Here are ten spoilers to navigate through your freshman year at the University of Scranton.


1. Be organized from the start

On your first day of most classes you will receive a syllabus outlining what the semester will entail. Don’t freak out!!! Although seeing it all at once might overwhelm you, if you stay organized you will be fine. Staying on top of assignments and not procrastinating is really important in college. So carry around a planner and keep a calendar in your dorm, this way it is simple to know due dates and assignments! (The book store in DeNaples sells a lot of cute planners!)


2. Be friendly to everyone

The University of Scranton is full of friendly and outgoing people. It is a small campus so you will probably see the same people over and over again. Making friends is easy if you are yourself.


3. Don’t be scared to ask for help

If you are confused about anything from where to go or who is who don’t be afraid to ask an upperclassman. It is NOT weird, they will be very friendly towards you and will help you out. You can also end up making a new friend from this interaction. Since the campus is small, there is a high chance that you will see this person again.


4. Before the first day, see where your classes are

The day before classes begin, try to go through your schedule. Walk around campus and find all of your classes. This way you won’t be rushing to find your class because you don’t want to be late on your first day. First impressions are important!!! The University of Scranton is pretty easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t have trouble, but definitely find your classes prior to the first day of college!


5. Get to know your teachers

After your classes, introduce yourself to your teachers. They want to get to know you!! Utilize that the University of Scranton is a small school and has a great community. Having a good relationship with your teachers will help you academically.


6. Don’t go too crazy the first weekend

You are finally unsupervised and are free to do as you please without your parents breathing down your neck! But, with that freedom comes responsibility. Although Scranton has thousands of students, you will soon realize familiar faces are everywhere. You don’t want to be labeled “the crazy freshman,” so make fun, yet smart choices. Also in the first few weeks you are unaware of your surroundings and don’t know a lot of people yet. So, don’t get too crazy, because people probably won’t know you well enough to take care of you, and you won’t know where your dorm is! Overall, be smart but enjoy yourself! Surround yourself with the right people!


7. Get involved

As a freshman, it is very important to stay active and not just sit in your dorm room. If you just sit in your room you will get very upset and lonely. Join as many clubs as you can. Clubs, intramurals and other activities are an awesome way to meet people and find friends for a lifetime.


8. Know everyone is in the same boat

Everyone will be homesick for the first month or so. People may try to hide the fact that they are, but everyone is. You are away from your family and friends for the first time and you are surrounded with strangers. It is very common to be upset and feel lonely so do not feel like you are all alone.


9. Understand the dining hall

There are many healthy options at the dining hall. Make sure you make good decisions because there are lots of choices. The Pod is on the first floor of DeNaples and this where the Chick-fil-A, Quiznos and much more are located. On the third floor of DeNaples you can find the dining hall food. The food at the University of Scranton is delicious!

10. Adventure off campus

Walk down Mulberry Street with your friends. There are a lot of cozy coffee shops and delicious places to eat that are really close to campus. It is nice to get off campus once a while and see all of the wonderful places Scranton, Pennsylvania has to offer!  

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