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10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

The most difficult decision to make when October hits is what to be for Halloween. There is a lot to consider when picking a costume: Do you like the costume in general? How much do you want to spend? Are you going to dress for the weather?


Use this list as inspiration! It has a variety of costumes such as iconic movie and tv characters, puns, and of course all the basics. There is no need to spend a lot of money on clothes you are going to wear once. Grab similar items from your wardrobe, find cheap styles at places like Target, or get crafty! 


Happy spooky season!

Lilo and stitch 

-red floral dress 


-stitch plushy 

Kim possible 

-blank long sleeve crop top

-green pants (preferably cargo) 

-black army boots 


-black crop top

-black shorts or leggings

-silk robe (any color)

-hand wraps


Regina George

-purple camisole or bra 

-white tank top (with two wholes) 

– pink or black mini skirt

-strappy heels


Carrie Bradshaw 

-pink tank top 

-white tutu

-strappy sandals 

River Vixens 

-white and yellow baseball tee 

-black sport shorts 

-white knee-high socks with yellow stripes 

-black sneakers 

– hair in a ponytail 

Pigs in A Blanket

-pig ears and snout (can buy or make out of pink construction paper and a headband)

-pink clothes 

-pink shoes 



-green sweater 

-white pipe cleaners 

     -cut pipe cleaners into 2-inch pieces and fold in half.

     -slip pipe cleaner through sweater 

– get a head band and clue a fake flower to it 


-red shirt                

– black pants or shorts 

-yellow suspenders 

-ankle boots 


-little black or grey dress 

-mouse ears

-black tights 

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