10 Kylie GIFs that are so SYLLY

Although it feels like everyone has been back to school for eternity, it is finally the first week of spring semester here at Scranton! (yes, it is almost Feburary-_-). While everyone elsewhere have already established their weekly routines, us collegiates at Scranton are just getting into the groove of things. At least we have Kylie to lean on. Even though she’s one of the most iconic and ~*~famous~*~females at the moment, it doesn’t mean we can’t reference her for our back to school feels. I present to you: syllabus week, as told by Kylie Jenner:

  1. When you realize your 2 month break is already over, you have accomplished nothing, you didn’t get nearly enough sleep, and spring semester starts tomorrow:
  2. It’s finally time to say bye to your family, and even though you guys fought the whole duration of break and you can’t wait to be independent, it’s still a sad parting.
  3. YOUR GRAND ENTRANCE!!!! (it’s usually really anti-climactic and leaves you feeling like a friendless loser)


4. BUT, the reunion with your friends makes up for it and you pick up just how you left off. Yay friends!!

5. When you HAVE to get a fire instapic the first weekend back to remind everyone who follows you that you’re alive and well, and of course slaying college.


6. Trying to make it seem like you actually did some reviewing over break and the information in your first class is just flowing through you (even though you have no idea what’s going on). Keep nodding though, its believable.


7. Seeing that guy in DeNaples who you used to get with trying to seem so much cooler and hotter than you were 1 month ago:


8. Getting a 100% on your first quiz (that really counts for nothing in the grand scheme of things but you totally feel like a genius now.)


9. When that girl you really don’t like but act nice to says hi to you on the first day back:


10. Pushing aside all the stress of coming back and being soOoOo happy you’re finally at school:

See, I told you she’s relatable ;-)