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As someone who spends hours upon hours scrolling on TikTok, I often come across singers using this platform to share their music. I personally love finding songs and sharing them with my friends, so I hope you’re able to listen to some of these artists and maybe even add their music to your playlists. 


Many people might recognize this name as the family who did the “No Flinch Challenge” a year ago, but what most people don’t know is how extremely talented they are. They released many singles in 2020 and only a month ago they released a 5 song EP. They have the largest following of all the singers on this list, however, I still think their music is criminally underrated. 


Taylor Bickett

She writes and sings snippets of her songs on TikTok, and when she finally released her single, Break My Own, I could not stop listening to it. She’s releasing her next song later this week, on April 29, called Jim & Pam and I can’t wait to hear it. 


Maddie Zahm 

Maddie was featured on season 16 of American Idol, and although she didn’t win, she continues to put out amazing music, and she uses her TikTok to promote it. As someone who doesn’t watch American Idol, I’m so happy I was able to come across her account because her song, Family Reunions, was immediately added to my sad songs playlist. 


Mimi Webb 

I found Mimi Webb on my for you page promoting her song, Good Without, and I listen to it nearly every time I get into my car.


Lily Stockwell 

Lily went viral more than a year ago for her cover of Secrets that she posted on TikTok. Since then, she has been able to record and release it on streaming sites, which led me to her other music. 


Lauren Weintraub 

She’s Mine. That’s it that’s the tweet. I’m not sure what she put in this song but it’s addictive. 


Brooke Lynn 

For a week straight in late December I saw so many videos of Brooke Lynn promoting her song Depends on the Friend, and once it came out not many people talked about it, but I think it’s so catchy. 



Delaney Bailey 

She’s one of the first artists I found from TikTok with the song Loving & Losing, which magically I came across while going through a breakup. I haven’t seen her come across my FYP in a while, but she has another amazing song called Coffee Stained Smile.


Liv Grace Blue 

I recently found her song Don’t Need a Man on my for you page and I can’t wait for her to release more music!


Scarlett Taylor 

Please forgive me for this, but Scarlett actually doesn’t have any released songs yet. However, her song Clementine is coming out May 14th, and in the meantime you can check out her account for covers, and my favorite thing is different POV’s for songs. 


Chelsea Bromm

Scranton '22

Hi, I'm Chelsea, an accounting major at The University of Scranton. I love to rewatch the Twilight movies and paint in my free time.
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