Trending: "Metal" Heads

When we say "Metal Heads", we’re not talking about your dad’s high school garage band. As great as they may have been, Fall’s latest hair color trend has nothing to do with Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.


On campus, waves of platinum plus locks have taken over the student body. Many of these metallic manes are the product of pastel pinks and purples that have faded over the summer. When you’re a college student on a budget, why bother buying dye when you can rock the newest trend?

Worry not, platinum is not the only metallic shade of 2016. This trend not only encompasses every iPhone 7 color option; it also allows for metal alloys. Such as ronze, a mixture of bronze and copper; and bronze-gold a mixture of bronze and gold highlights.

The great thing about this trend is it caters to all natural hair colors. For those with darker locks, opt for a slick or gloss to give your hair a polished shine. Those with naturally light hair the sky is the limit, you can choose from any Olympic medal, bronze, silver, or gold.


Following trends is not always the safest route. If you have naturally dark hair, lifting your mane to an almost white shade can cause damage. When adding chemicals to your hair keep in mind that moisture is key. Coconut oil, olive oil, and many crème conditioning hair masks will restore life while locking in moisture and color.

As always seek a professional or professional advice when making a drastic hair change. Your roommate and friends may consider themselves “experienced” cosmetologist; they don’t have the training or knowledge of a licensed professional. We don’t want to close out 2016 with a trend of wigs or bald heads. There were more than enough of those during the height of heavy metal.  No offense KISS.