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Top Trendy Tattoos That You Need Now!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Before us millennials came around, people with tattoos were few and far between, and they weren’t the most well respected people around, considering the majority of tattooed people were prison inmates and tough guys in motorcycle gangs. But today, just walking down the street you’ll encounter numerous people with tattoos, maybe spot a couple of people with sleeves of tattoos, but nowadays you don’t even think twice about seeing a “tatted up” girl walking down the street, because it has become so mainstream and normal to us. Tattoos have shot into the pop culture scene so fast that they have become part of our everyday lives whether you’re sporting a tat or two, you’re watching one of many tattoo television shows, or if you simply follow a tattoo page on Instagram. Today, over one third of millennials have at least one tattoo, and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Tattoos are everywhere you turn, and there’s no evidence of them going anywhere anytime soon (literally), so here are some popular tattoo designs that are guaranteed to look good on everyone!

Tiny Tattoos

These are perfect for tattoo novices, people who have an interest in tattoos but aren’t willing to jump in head first with a full back piece (and we don’t blame you). These tiny micro tattoos can be tucked into the smallest of places like between the fingers or on the behind your ear. They are perfect for those who want to indulge in the world of tattooing but don’t want the attention that surrounds having a big visible piece. Since these tattoos are so small they shouldn’t cause a problem with employers, they might not even notice them!

Constellation/Astrological Sign

Out of every tattoo design, constellation tattoos have to be one of the daintiest pieces you can get done. If you’re looking for a tattoo to put somewhere that is very visible, I suggest getting a constellation! When done correctly these tattoos can almost camouflage themselves in with your skin, appearing to be just a group of freckles, but when looked at closer they become clear. Constellations can have very deep intellectual meanings so do your research and pick the best constellation that you love the most! A great constellation to get is your astrological sign’s constellation, it’s a great idea for those are very in tune with their astrological sign. Each astrological sign has its own constellation and they’re all quite whimsical and beautiful.


Dotwork has been a recent trend in the tattooing industry. It is a technique that replaces dark solid shading with packing small dots into a small area creating to create a shadow. This technique is much daintier than harsh black solid shading because the dots are not as condensed as solid color. This gives the tattoo an overall look of lightness and 3D like. Dotwork is popular with geometric tattoos, filigree, and spiritual tattoos like a Hamsa or Mandala. The downside of a dotwork tattoo is since it is such a precise technique it may take longer than traditional shading, so keep that in mind when choosing your dotwork piece.


Let’s start with the meaning of a mandala; mandala when translated means “circle”. Mandalas offer a balanced visual element, that symbolize unity and harmony. The purpose of the mandala is to serve as a tool in a spiritual journey. Mandala tattoos have become popular in the last couple of years along with dotwork, because they work so well together. The shape and detail in a mandala tattoo is unmatched, which makes it so beautifully intricate as a piece to put on your body. I would recommend tattoo newbies wait on a mandala piece because the design needs to be rather large to show the detail on the tattoo, meaning it’ll take a while to complete. But regardless it is such a beautiful piece to add to your tattoo collection if you choose.

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