Styling Trends from Fashion Week

Styling Trends from Fashion Week

This Fall/Winter season of 2017, numbers of trends have been spotted on the runway as well as on the streets. Not everyone has the same taste in fashion, and not everyone has the same sense of style. No matter the type of fashion style you identify with, you can still incorporate the trends into your everyday wardrobe.

Here are three ways to incorporate the trends chokers, embroidered roses, and leather pants into your attire if you’re feeling bohemian, vibrant and bold, or casual and classic.

Bohemian- is also known as “boho”. The style focuses on prints and patterns that are more intricate and exotic than others. Being playful with textures is also bohemian nature. Most silhouettes that correspond with the style are loose fitting.

These layered chokers are the perfect accessories to any bohemian outfit. They both play along to the pattern and texture aspect. The dress is great for the day time with just a hint of roses, while the sheer top is a fun and flirty night-time look. The top can be paired with the blush colored leather pants which ads more color and texture to the whole piece. Both outfits can be paired up with the thick-heeled sandals, and blue saddle bag.

Vibrant & Bold- is very energetic. If you’re the type of person who stands out because of your fashion sense, this one’s for you. This style can be very wild and bold. It plays on patterns, prints, color, and sometimes symmetry.

This look is very daring and for the bold! The blouses are practically screaming at you, while both having roses on it. Why not throw in some more roses AND color, with the Gucci tote bag? Yellow, wide-leg pants are a statement themselves but can be paired perfectly with both blouses. Shimmering silver will definitely be noticeable, especially if it’s wrapped around you neck. The white tie-back mid heel sandals are ideal to tone the outfit down a bit while still fitting in with being bold.

Casual & Classic- is very simplistic but also appealing to the eye. The outfit itself (top and bottom) is usually picked out of the “basics” section while the accessories to go along with it are more alluring.

A basic white tee is the best place to start when having a casual sense of style. Black jeans are a white tee’s best friend, but to shake things up slightly, the pants are leather. Black solid banned chokers have always been around, so there is no going wrong with that selection; it is a classic. The booties and the scarves are the “fun” parts to this outfit. Each have embroidered roses which make the whole outfit more interesting to look at and complete.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and slightly alter your wardrobe. Get out of your comfort zone once in awhile and experiment by adding these trends and others spotted in your everyday attire. You can even try dressing in a different style just for the day; you may end up loving it!


Looks created by me on Polyvore


Images in order by:

Kris Atomic

Averie Woodard

Caroline Veronez

Tamara Bellis