The Starland District: Your New Favorite Savannah Hangout Spot

    A lot of us SCAD students find ourselves on Bull Street at some point, primarily due to Arnold Hall. We've all got some foundation classes there and if you are a writing major, you probably spend a lot of your time there. However, I've noticed that kids will usually skip past the surrounding area, called the Starland District. The Starland District is quite the sight and has a lot to offer SCAD students. From the coffee shops and vintage stores, book stores, and restaurants, this area of Savannah is the perfect hang out spot for artists. At the center of it all is Starlandia, a used art supply store that is the perfect place for us starving artists. Most of you reading this that are students are probably already aware of this store since it is a hotspot when art students go supplies shopping. Whether you do so or not, you guys seriously should check out this area!

    I found myself exploring the Starland District with a friend on Halloween. That's when I saw what all it had to offer. She said she wanted to go to Gypsy World to look at some vintage clothing, which led into the discussion of what the Starland District was. I honestly had no idea about it beforehand! I always took a bus or bike to Arnold Hall but never really explored the surrounding area. I am so glad I had the chance. I think this area feels like it's right out of a fantasy world that you see in the movies. They have wooden arrow signs for different stores on street poles that you would normally find in a forest! The buildings are one of the best parts!

    Right when you start going south of Arnold, the buildings seem to become more and more majestic! The homes in this area are gorgeous and really help set that fantasy feeling. The Gingerbread House right nest to Foxy Loxy looks like it's out of a fairytale book. There are a lot of building in pastels or bright colors, but there are also a few houses that look like they are definitely haunted. I know that haunted feeling might throw some people off, but let's be honest, half of Savannah looks that way. It is the most haunted city in the United States!

    If you find yourself down there, I definitely recommend a few different stores to check out. If you're looking for some good coffee or a bite to eat, The Blue Door and Foxy Loxy Cafe are both create picks. Another spot that you can find coffee and books is Space Cat(next door to Starlandia). They've got all kinds of books, especially ones about art.  If you want something good to eat, I've heard really great things about Butterhead Greens Cafe and Green Truck Pub, and I know Back in the Day Bakery is absolutely amazing! Lastly, if you want to shop around, Gypsy World was such a fun store to explore. I have also heard that House of Strut and Graveface Records & Curiosities have a lot to offer across the board!

     Overall, the Starland District definitely has a variety of things to offer us SCAD students. I think the primary thing over everything else that the area has is a lot to look at. For artists, that a vital thing to have in order to collect inspiration. If you get the time to explore down there, make sure to bring your sketchbook and notepads! You never know where that spark of creativity will come into play! 

Images Courtesy of Isabel Dillard