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Spring Break Survival Kit

What better way to start off spring break? Her Campus has graciously sent our team of writers a Spring Break survival kit. Items include pepper gel, shampoo+conditioner, books, snacks, and so much more. Take a look into what we recieved. Thank you to all of the sponsorers who made it possible. Want one of your own? Check our facebook and twitter to find out how you can score some major swag. 


Hello! My name is Angela Kastrunes. I am a senior Fashion Marketing and Management student at SCAD. I am the founder/CC for Her Campus-SCAD. Our chapter has grown so much over the past 3 years. I'm excited to say we have expanded to the Atlanta campus, and now have over 20 members combined. It's very bittersweet to realize this is my last year, working as a CC for HC. After graduation I hope to either work in social media management, PR for a fashion brand/music label, or as an editor of a fashion magazine (or Her Campus Nationals).
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