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I have always managed to through my Spring Break without actually doing what I had intended to do.  So I decided to make a list of all that I would like to do this time around.  Here is some of what I thought of.  

1. Rest

After going for days on end without sleeping, sometimes not more than two or three hours, your body is in desperate need of some necessary rest.  Pulling all nighters for three days in a row was most definitely not fun.  So I am now rewarding myself with a few days of some much needed shut eye. 


Courtesy of: Annie Spratt (Unsplash.com)


2. Relax with a good book

It seems like I never really have time to read…period.  During the school year the every thing stays predominately academic.  I am constantly on the hunt for good books so that when I did have time I could simply select something from my bookshelf with a cup of hot tea.  One series that I have been eager to start is the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon.  If time travel and Scottish men are your thing then it is a must read.    


Courtesy of: Link Hoang (Unsplash)


3. Catch up on TV shows

Television, television, television! My friends and family members have always gotten on my case about how many movies and TV shows I’ve watched and kept up with and questioned why I do it.  Every time I try to explain myself they just don’t get it.  I feel like both movies and TV shows tell stories, and once I get invested in that story and the characters in it, I can’t simply tear myself away from the screen.  It sounds so sappy…I know, but being a writer and story teller myself, I feel rather connected to the art.  Shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Underground”, and classic movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Marry Poppins” are definitely going to be keeping my attention this spring break.    


Courtesy of: Tracy Thomas (Unsplash)


4. Make time for the Beach

Sun, sand and sea is really all one needs especially if you have been feeling a little sickly.  If you can go with a group of friends or by yourself for some alone time either would be good! Even if you never actually make it to the water, the sand and sun would work just fine.   


 Courtesy of: Jeremy Ricketts (Unsplash)


5. Friend Time

Time spent with family with loving family members is more often than not, a good thing, but also spending it with awesome friends is just the cherry on top.  During your break take the time to visit friends that you haven’t seen for a while and engage in a few movie nights and sleepovers here and there; it’s the little things that are the most memorable. 


Courtesy of: Brooke Cagle (Unsplash)


6. Learn something new

Hasn’t there been something that you’ve wanted to understand or learn how to do if you had the time?  Well now is the perfect time to start! Even if it’s a skill that you already posses that you wanted to sharpen, take this time to read or research what it is that you need to know to do just that.  Utilize this period to really invest in yourself.  


Courtesy of: Luis Llerena (Unsplash)


7. Take a random trip

One day, just pack a bag and just take a trip to another state, or go on a spontaneous trip to a nearby country, all depending on your location of course.  If you are a little stuck on ideas you can always just take a walk or hike.  Even if it’s just a ferry ride to an island, just find a way to be out and about!


Courtesy of: Robert Crawford (Unsplash)

I am currently a college student sutdying Jewelry Design.  Fashion and all things chocolate, eventhough they may not have connections to each other, are my muses! I personally love travelling and writing about life's experiences because I feel like there is so much to be shared particularly in a positive light! 
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