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Spontaneity is a Plus

Being cautious of what you do and don’t can be a positive thing; it shows that you care about your actions, and the repercussions that follow. At times during your college career, your days can be repetitive. If you find yourself in a cycle, adding a bit of spontaneity may be necessary.

Your alarm goes off, you quickly get into gear, and head off to your first 2½ hour class, and this is followed by the same cycle. Everyday. At this point you may find your brain a redundant part of yourself. What exactly is the point of it if you know what to do, when to do it, and how. You are put it a specific mindset thinking this is how your life goes. Life essentially is about to get really slow and boring if it is not already. A boring life can lead to depression which is obviously a negative. A boring life also means that you are living in fear of what can come from stepping outside of that strict daily routine. Anxiety comes from fear, and overall this simply is not a healthy lifestyle to be living.

Spontaneity is all about acting upon a natural impulse to do something, but without planning it. Just because you do not go to the park on Friday at 6:00 weekly means for you to set that up in your agenda and say there “I’m being spontaneous.” This is because your brain still knows what to, when to do it, and how. During class breaks, we all like to reach to social media to keep us intact with the world. While scrolling through your feed if you happen to see an image of an ice cream cone covered in rainbow sprinkles, and your mouth starts to water a bit, well guess where you’re headed after class? A little bit of a sugar rush won’t do much harm to you, but instead will help you get energetic about going home after to finish up the work you had planned on doing. Or maybe not; maybe you’ll act upon another random impulse to do something out of the “norm.”

Compared to the tedious and tiresome routine, one of impromptu is a much more healthy and positive way of living. Your mind is not is absorbing and experiencing new thoughts and ideas, inspired by your unfamiliar surroundings. You’re forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, but because you’re not thinking of the unkown to come after it, you aren’t stressing yourself out. Essentially you are permitting not only your physical body but the inner self to be let free.

If it is difficult to have a more spontaneous lifestyle, the easiest way to go about it is asking your friends what they might be doing that day ad joining in. If someone asks you to do something try to refrain from saying “sorry, I can’t I have something to do” when that something is just being cooped up inside your bedroom. Try something new that you could possibly pick up as a hobby. You can start small with something as simple as ordering something different off of the menu at your favorite restaurant other than your usual. While driving to class or to work take an alternate route; sightseeing is always entertaining.

Don’t be frightened by the unknown, embrace it.


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Tajiya is pursuing her B.F.A. in Fashion Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Although she has a "passion for fashion" she has other interests that she finds of importance and loves to write about them.
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