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The Solution to Lazy Skincare: Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleaning Water

Alright dolls. We’ve all been wearing makeup since we were preteens, so we all know how much of a b**ch it is to get all of it off at the end of the day. I mean, I know you have to work hard to get what you want, but do I really need to scrub that hard to get my face clean?

Can’t I look fabulous during the day and feel squeaky clean at night? Like why can’t I be as happy as this girl washing her face?

If any of you makeup lovers are like me, then you’re long past the point of caring about your skincare routine. Sure, there are days where you can sit in front of the mirror and make sure every speck of mascara is gone from under your eyes and that every type of moisturizer has softened your cheeks, but some days (which are becoming more and more frequent) you just can’t be bothered. A swipe of the soap bar is all you need.

Those rigorous skincare lovers are screaming at us right now.

Look, I’m sorry, but that ten minutes spent scrubbing my face raw can be better spent in bed sleeping. But now, I can get the best of both worlds. I’ve found the easiest makeup remover that gets you the best bang for your buck. Say goodbye to those wasteful wipes that cost $15 dollars for a 30 wipe pack (even if you rip them in half, you’re still constantly buying wipes).

Garnier micellar water literally takes like two minutes to get all the makeup off your face. Even that waterproof mascara you love to cake on. And it’s only $10 for a bottle that’ll last you a couple of months. All you need are cotton pads or even a towel if you’re super broke. You just dab on some water and wipe all that dirt away.

I love the fact that I can swipe a cotton pad over my face and then jump into bed. My face doesn’t feel tight like when I wash it with soap and I feel like I’ve actually gotten all my foundation off. It’s a miracle worker, I tell you.

I’ve been looking for the right makeup remover for years. But they either dry out my skin too much or make me break out even more. Well, this micellar water is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive ones like mine. It cleanses all those pores so you’re less likely to get those pesky breakouts. And did I mention that it’s cheap?

I mean, do I really need to give you more reasons to try this out? If you’re lazy and tired of trying new skincare routines over and over, then try this last one. I promise it’ll change your life for the lazier.

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