SCAD Student's Thoughts on Love Trumps Hate Protest

The Love Trumps Hate peaceful protest happened on November 12th and was organized by SCAD Student Ashley Crouch. AS the protest started at Wright square, went through MLK and Forsyth park, and ended where it started, I went out with student protesters and asked them about their thoughts

Hannah. Interior Design. Mass.

HC: Why does this matter to you?

- Everyone should have equal rights. Leave it simple

HC: What do you hope changes?

- That people realize that people do care


Zoey. Pennsylvania. Architecture.

HC: Why did you come

- To do something. To feel like I’m making a difference

HC: How does this affect you?

- To represent the people around it.

HC: How do your classmates affect you in this situation?

- I see all the people around that care

Fiona. New Jersey. Illustration

HC: Why does this matter to you?

- I’m worried about people losing their rights

HC: What made you want to come?

- I wanted to show support for the people who are afraid

HC: Why do you think people shouldn’t be scared?

- There’s a lot of community and love


Amanda. Sequential Art. Virginia.

HC: Why dos this event matter to you?

- It’s going to affect me and my friends.

HC: Why is a peaceful protest important to you?

- Violence protest does no good.

Val. Sequential. Florida

HC: What made you want to come to this event?

- It affects me as a queer person.

HC: Has SCAD changed your political views?

- Not really. I’ve just learned more.

HC: How does this event change you as a queer person?

- I think our rights are protected.

HC: What do you want the outcome of this event to be?

- For people to understand we won’t back down.


Ashley Crouch. Lousivelle, Kentucky. Advertising

HC: Why did you organize this event?

- I felt strongly about this. I wanted to uplift people

HC: Why a peaceful protest?

- It’s about spreading love, not hate.

Katelyn. Illinois. Interior Design.

HC: What made you come to this event?

- In my heart, I wanted to express something other than hatred

HC: The outcome?

- Spreading to the outsider. It’s not about being whiny. It’s a peaceful protest.


Camilla. Interior Design. Colombia.

HC: Why does a protest in America matter to you?

- As a minority, USA has become my home. Making minorities speak up.

HC: Why did you protest as an international student?

- It (America) has become my home, raising my voice for Latinos, Black people, women.

HC: How has this event changed you?

- That fact that I ca say something.

Eloise. France. Animation.

HC: Why did you come here?

- Because Georgia is so Republican, I wanted to support love in a state where it seems to support hatred. And I’m female.

HC: How does it affect you as a SCAD student?

- SCAD is very liberal school, I wanted people to accept me.

HC: How does this effect you as an international student?

- When I was in France, people would ask me why America, a melting pot, was so divided

HC: What do you want the outcome of this event to be?

- Let the people know there are a lot of people for love.


Juiletta. Mexico. Film

HC: What was the support here like?

- It was welcoming

HC: How has this change you as a SCAD student?

- Seeing how many people believe in the same thing as I do.

HC: As an immigrant?

- Seeing the president elect, attack immigrants, who have helped build this country.

HC: What do you wish people understand?

- Take action and to say ‘That was a brave thing to do’

Photos courtesy of Benjamin Chapman